Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

As you probably know from my blog, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Usually around Christmas time I always rewatch the films from the saga. I was watching one yesterday, and I remembered that while I was in England I visited some filming locations and places that inspired JKRowling. So I though it’d be interesting to share it with my potter head readers. I’ll also add google maps points so you can visit it without going to London.

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My weekend out in the countryside

This week has been crazy, I had to do many paper works plus I had a really difficult exam, I’ve been sleeping only 4 hours per day, so when my friends told me we were going to one of my friend’s village house this weekend it was a blessing for me.

Once in a while I need to disconnect from my everyday life and reconnect with the nature. I love switching off the phone and all the technology, and for one or two days living life like in the last century.

My friend and I usually play board games, watch some films (this time we’ve watched the sixth and seventh Harry Potter film 🙂 ), have big meals and basically spent a lot of time talking, laughing and enjoying our company. We also go for walks in the woods, although it may sound a bit autistic when I’m walking in the nature I prefer to enjoy the views and the nature sounds rather than be talking with my friends, nothing helps me disconnect more than this.

Since the village is in a high mountain, it was very cold so I had to layer up. I decided to wear a long sleeved cream t-shirt and on the top of it a dark red cape-jacket. I also wore black leggings and a pair of dark blue jeggings over them. To keeps my feet super warm I wore a pair of brown boots with fur inside. I finally added mi bicycle necklace because I found the t-shirt vary plain.







T-shirt: Zara       Cape-jacket: C&A         Jeggings: Zara          Boots: H&M

P.D: Sorry for the quality of the pictures I’m still trying to teach my mum how to take pictures with my mobile phone.

What’s your favourite way of disconnecting?

xoxo Darly