Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Since last week I shared with you my graduation make up, today I want tho share with you the outfit that I wore for my graduation.



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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but that’s because I’ve been really busy with my classes and my internship. Two days ago it was my graduation, I’m so happy I could celebrate with my classmates, that we’ve got our Mathematics degree. It’s been a four year journey were I’ve had to work really hard, but I hope it will be worth it in the end. Today I want to share with you the make up I did for my graduation. It’a all based on warm colours that I think it flatters anyone.


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Autumnal Colours

Even though It may be a bit late today I’m going to write my autumn post.

One thing I love about autumn is that the trees leaves change into my favourite colour, which is that really warm yellow. It’s lovely just walking down the street with a carpet of my favourite colour under my feet.

My region is quite famous because of it’s wines, so at the beginning of autumn we celebrate the harvest time. In my city everyone looks forward to that local festivity, every day of that week we have fireworks from all over the world and we go out until 5 am. The most typical thing is stepping on the grapes with you naked feet (and properly washed) in order to make grape juice and believe me it’s delicious.

Another thing I love about Autumn is that people put in the street little stands were they sell roasted chestnuts. When it’s cold there nothing better than buying a dozen because they keep your hands warm and they taste awesome.

All this things have inspired these two looks. In the fist look I’m wearing my yellow jacket and a long sleeved t-shirt recalling the colour of the leaves and in the second one I’m wearing a burgundy shirt recalling the colour of the grapes. In both of the looks I’m wearing my dark blue jeggings and a pair of burgundy vans style shoes.
















I decided to spice up a bit both looks adding my grape necklace, which my cousin made (I may post a DIY explaining how to make it), a burgundy ribbon on my hair and painting my nails with an essence nail polish in the colour 113- “Do you speak love?” (I love when brands put funny names to their products).

IMG_20141025_2     IMG_20141025_3


Burgundy shirt: Stradivarius          Yellow jacket: local shop           Yellow t-shit: Bershka                            Jeggings: C&A         Ribbon: Primark         Shoes:Primark

What is your favourite piece of clothing for autumn?

xoxo Darly