Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to celebrate with you my fourth blogoversary!!! I’m so happy we have reached this far. I feel like this is the perfect occasion to tell you that I’m extremely grateful for all the support through your likes and comments. I love interacting with you through the comments.

¡¡Hoy quiero celebrar con vosotros mi cuarto blogiversario!! Estoy tan contenta de llevar tantos años. Siento que esta es la perfecta ocasión para deciros los extremadamente agradecida que estoy de todo el apoyo a través de los likes y los comentarios. Me encanta interactuar con vosotros a través de los comentarios.


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20 000 FOLLOWERS!!!!

Hello my super lovely readers  🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I get to celebrate with all of you that this blog has reached 20.000 subscribers. I can’t belive I’ve reached this number of followers. I want to thank all of you for all the love I’ve received through your comments, e-mails, likes, tweets… I feel like I have the nicest and sweetest readers, all your comments make me smile and encourage me to keep writing. I know this is being a bit too cheese haha, but I feel like this is the perfect post to express my feelings.


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