Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long I had a really hard exam that finally has been posponed due to the current situation in Spain, and I wanted to focus on that.

Last Summer I spent two months in London, so I got to know it quite well. London can be a quite expensive city, so I’ve learned some cheap things to do and see when you travel to the city.

1 – Free tourist attractions

One of the best bird views from London, you can see it from the London Sky Garden. It’s a really tall garden located in the City of London, in which you can book tickets to go up for free, here is the link. It has a beautiful balcony but also the inside is made with glass so you have a 360º view. Also the inside decoration is beautiful. Also if you can’t find tickets, you can go in for free after 9 PM, it also has an amazing view at night. By the way, the end of line eleven is here, if you want to join one hing with the other.

Another really cool thing to do is going in the 4D experience in the London Eye Ticket Office. It’s really cool because they give you 3D glasses and play a video where you can see London from the sky, as if you were in the London eye. It goes trough different seasons and they spray foam at you, water… As you can see in the image below you follow the path of the 4D experience and it’s completely free, they don’t ask for a ticket or anything.

You can so inside Wenstminster Abbey for free if you go to the beautiful Evensongs or the organ recitals, I leave here the link of the timetables, I went to a Evensong on Sunday.  You can also go inside Saint Paul Cathedral when there are services, I leave here the link.

2 – Free Museums

Most of the museums are free, which is totally A-MA-ZING. My favourite ones are:

  • The British museum: Lots of ancient history. My favourite sections are ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Here is a blog post I did two years ago about it.
  • The National Gallery: Incredible paintings, my favourite part if the impressionism section: Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Renoir…

  • The Natural History Museum: I think this is the best one if you travel with kids. I has many different science-biology sections: Dinosaurs, Space, Human Evolution, Animals… I also talked about it in this blog post.
  • The Victoria and Albert museum: This museum is mainly focus in decorative arts, design and fashion from all over the world and different ages. It’s honestly a beautiful museum. My favourite an sections are the Fashion, Europe and British section.

3 – Double-decker as tour buses

There are some specific lines that pass through the most important London views and if you can seat on the front of the second floor of the bus, it’s like you’re on a tour bus. If you start at more or less the beginning of the line, it’s quite easy to take one of those seats. And the price of a bus ticket with the Oyster card is only 1,50 pounds. I did this when my mum come to visit me and it was amazing, you can take really nice pictures.

LINE 11: We took this line in Chealsea and the hole ride is about one hour, in it you visit: Sloane Square, West­mins­ter Abeey, the 10th of Dow­ning St (where the president lives), Tra­fal­gar Square; Fleet Street, Saint Paul’s cathedral and The City. Here is the link of the route.

LINE 159: This one is interesting to take at the beginning on Oxford street and then get down on the St Thomas Hospital stop. In this route you visit: Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster,Big Ben and finally the London Eye, where you’d go down. Here is the link of the route.


You best allies are going to be the famous meal deals, you can get them in many supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Boots… For 3 pounds you can choose a snack (fruit, crisps, a cereal bar), a drink and a main course (sandwich, rolls, sushi, pasta salads). I usually opted for a big coffee or a smoothie, a roll and a bag of crisps, but they have so many options.

Do you know any other cheap or free plans? Have you done any of this things?

xoxo Darly

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