Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you some pieces of clothing that I’ve purchased recently. Most of them are items that I bought on the winter sales, I’ll try to leave the links that I can find.

The first thing that I prchased is this amazing pink jumpsuit. I love this jumpsuit because since it’s all one colour it makes your figure very long but it also has a cinched waist. I also love that it’s made out of tencel, which is a fabric made from wood grown in sustainably managed forests that guarantee reforestation. Its price is only 16 €, I got it in a size M and here is the link.

Then in Stradivarious I bough this beautiful t-shirt. I love the golden print and it’s sparkly details. Since it’s quite baggy, I got it in a size XS. Its price was 6€ and here is the link.

Then from Lidl, I bough this corduroy skirt for 6€. I love it because it has the perfect length since it ends a bit above the knee. I love to wear corduroy in Winter.

In Bershka I also bought this cute t-shirt. I love the length of this t-shirt, the light pink colour and the fact that in the front it only has a small print. I also love that is made out of 100% ecologically grown cotton, that is produced using practices that help us to protect biodiversity. The price is 3€ and here is the link.

I’m a sneaker head, I love wearing sneakers all year around. I just find the super confortable and I think if you buy them colour block they can look more put together. I needed a specific pair for winter and I found this amazing ones at Primark. I love them because they give you a bit of high with that sole but without being to thick and uncomfortable. Its price is 18€.

Finally from Stradivarius I bought this pink thin padded jacket with hood. Since the Winter weather is so grey, I love to wear more light colours, so I love that this one has a pastel pink colour. Its price was 10€ and here is the link.

Did you purchase anything this sales? Are you trying to buy more sustainable clothes?

xoxo Darly

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