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As you probably know from my blog, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Usually around Christmas time I always rewatch the films from the saga. I was watching one yesterday, and I remembered that while I was in England I visited some filming locations and places that inspired JKRowling. So I though it’d be interesting to share it with my potter head readers. I’ll also add google maps points so you can visit it without going to London.

The first point it’s a place that inspired JK Rowling to create Diagon Alley. It’s Cecil court, a little street full of little cute shops, with the same old architecture. There even is a magic shop in this street!! Here is the link in google maps.

When you go out of the street to St Martin’s lane you’ll see a restaurant called the real greek, if you look up you’ll see the figure in the image below. It’s though that this inspired the name of leaky cauldron pub on Harry Potter. Here is the link in google maps.

And like in Harry Potter books next to this street is the street that inspired Knockturn Alley. It’s called Goodwin’s court, and it’s a little alley that’s really easy to miss. It’s a small dark street with really beautiful houses. I can totally see why it inspired JK Rowling, it’s a pretty magical street. Here is the link in google maps.

By the way next to this location there’s a store named Hardy’s that sell Harry Potter sweets and butter bear.

Now we go to Scotland place. In “Harry Potter and the order of the fenix” here appears a phone booth that takes you to the minister of magic.

Next to this street is the Ministry of Defence of the UK, which inspired JK Rowling in the Ministry of Magic. Because like Churchill said the Ministry of Defence is like an iceberg where you can only see the tip of it.

Another place to visit in London is King’s Cross Station, where there’s a wall with the Harry Potter trolley to take a picture. They let you wear a scarf of your house (I picked Griffindor even though in the Pottermore test I’m a Ravenclaw) and pick a wand. The only think I should warn you about is that the line to take the picture is 30 mins long. Even tough if you’re not a Harry Potter fun I think you should visit the outside of the station because it’s really beautiful.

darly blog

darly blog

Another filming location in England that I visited during this Summer was Oxford. The Divinity school, which is a medieval building, part of the University of Oxford.  The building by itself was beautiful and many Harry Potter scenes were filmed in this location. This room was used in Harry Potter as the Hogwarts Infirmary, it’s also were Professor McGonagall teaches Ron how to dance for the Yule Ball…

In Oxford there’s also Christ Church college, where some Harry Potter scenes where also shoot in here. The dinning room in Harry Potter was inspired by the one in the college. In this staircase they shoot the scene where the wizarding trio arrives at Hogwarts and enters the Great Hall for the first time.

You can also visit some other locations in London where the films where shoot like Picadilly Circus, the millennium bridge…

Are you a Harry Potter fan? What’s your favourite book/film? What house were you sorted into in the Pottermore test?

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29 thoughts on “⚡HARRY POTTER LOCATIONS⚡

  1. These are great pictures! I’m so jealous, I love Harry Potter. (Neville and Luna are my fav). Fun fact I previously had rats named Neville and Luna. (Also Seamus and Hermione). The college is gorgeous!

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  2. That is so cool!!! I am really jealous that I don’t live in the uk. I first took the test and I was a Slytherin but I took it again and now I am a Gryffindor

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  3. Wow very cool. I’ve always wanted to visit London. More specifically Buckingham palace for personal reasons. I love watching documentaries about her and interviews from Rowling. She makes reading books fun 👍

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  4. I stood in line at midnight for the last 4 books. My hubby started reading the 1st one today again for the 20th time. We have tickets to The Wizarding World in Orlando when life gets back to normal. Love the tour!

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