Hello my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s everything going?

Black Friday is behind the corner and I’ve realised that one of my favourite websites, Aliexpress, is going to have great offers. So today I though that I’d share with you some products that I’ve recently bought on aliexpress.

One thing that I loooove buying in Aliexpress are hair accessories. They have a great selection and they are very affordable. I bought this pearl and crystal golden ones and this Versache inspired ones.

One thing that I loooove buying in Aliexpress is stainless steel jewellery. I love it because it has a great selection and amazing prices. I like stainless steel because it doesn’t give me any allergies and usually the gold colour lasts on them. I’ve bought some golden hoops, a baguette cristal ring and a matching earrings and crystal ring.

I also love buying accessories like this beautiful tweed Chanel inspired bag. I bought it on the big size because the small didn’t even fit my phone.

Another set of products that I want to share with you are all the gel nail ones that I’ve bought. I recently did a blog post on HOW TO DO GEL NAILS AT HOME. The products that I’ve bought are a LED lampย and nail polishes.

Chanleevi eyeshadow review

Then I’m going to talk about the makeup related products I’ve bought. You have to be very careful before buying makeup products in Aliexpress, I don’t buy many and whenever I do I make sure to read loads of reviews. I’ve bought this beautiful glitter liquid shadow, which is a dupe of the Stila ones. I shared with you a review in this blog post.

Have you ever bought on Aliexpress? Do you have any product to recommend?

xoxo Darly

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