Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite looks I’ve ever created. I love it because it combines being super confortable and warm, with looking put together. It’s my go to look for this grey could days because it’s full of light. It’s a cream monochrome outfit but with a lot of golden accents.

The look revolves around my new light cream puffer jacket form Bershka. I hate wearing dark colours when it’s a grey, cold and cloudy day outside, that’s why I was looking for a cream puffer for this autumn-winter.

To continue with the monochrome look. I added this cream vintage (from my mother’s closet) mum jeans (very accurate name in this case) from Benetton. I also decided to wear a light cream cropped jumper from Bershka.

Finally, I paired the look with my most comfortable sneakers from Primark, which, of course, are also cream. I think Primark sneakers are very underrated, they are extremely comfortable.

Finally to add that touch of extraness, I added some golden accents. As you know chain belts are extremely trendy right now, so I wore a thick vintage (again, from my mother’s closet) golden chain belt. I also wore my signature golden jewellery. And finally, because I didn’t think it was golden enough, I added this Versace inspired hair clips.

What colours do you like to wear in Winter? Have you ever tried Primark sneakers? What do you think of the chain belt trend?

xoxo Darly

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20 thoughts on “⭐ CREAM AND GOLD ⭐

  1. Darly,

    This most recent offering explains well why your blog is so popular! Your creative approach to your fashion choices and “favorite looks,” is innovative and often bold, and even as someone whose interests are fairly far-removed from those delivered here, the appeal of your page is understandable in the sense that it is always presented beautifully, and features a very attractive and accomplished fashion aficionado.

    Brighter colors seem to suit you best, in my view, but you’ve demonstrated a talent for making just about any look seem more natural with the right emphasis in accessories and makeup choices. While I am not a follower of fashion trends, news, or other related media generally, I continue to enjoy visiting here to see what new ideas and fashion images you post.

    I’ve been following you for some time now and appreciate your efforts as an observer mostly, but wanted to acknowledge my admiration also.

    Regards…John H.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so so so much for this comment John 😄😄😄This is probably the most rewarding comment that I’ve ever read in my blog. It’s so nice to see that you realise and value the effort behind my blog.
      This comment has brightened my day and has totally encourage me to keep on writing.
      Hope you have an amazing week


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