Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a makeup look that’s quite easy to do and looks really cool. It’s a graphic liner makeup look. I like this look because it’s different, but you only notice it if you’re quite close, so it’s wearable.

First step: Skin

I applied the Essence Foundation foundation, in the shade 05, all over my face with a beauty blender. As a concealer I used the Essence Camouflage Healthy Glow mixed with the Bourjois Radiance Revel concealer to get ride of my imperfections and my dark circles. I also highlighted the centre of my forehead and over my jaw. Then I used the cien pressed powder in light to set my face.

I bronzed up my face with the Kiko face palette bronzer, I applied it on my jaw line, right under my cheeks, on the top of my front and on my temples. On my apple cheeks I used the blusher from the face palette. For highlighter I used the W7 vey vegan highlighter on the highest point of my cheeks. Finally I sprayed some Skindinavia oil control setting spray to help the make up look last longer and control oil.

Second step: Eyes

For my eyeshadow the first thing I did, was to put concealer all over the eyelid as an eye primer. This will make the eyeshadow last longer and look more intense.

I used the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Vitality palette. First I used the shade with an X as on the crease, the outer corner of the eye and the lower lash line. I applied it using the fluffy brush. Then I applied the Urban Decay Chopper eyeshadow on the eyelid with my finger. Finally I applied the light shimmery shade of the palette in the inner corner of the eye.

Then using the Catrice light silver eyeliner I did my eyeliner as I usually do it: First I draw a very thin line on my top lashes, then I do a flick on the side of my eye, pointing towards the end of my eyebrow, and I join it with the previous line.

Once I have the white line using the black eyeliner I do the same but doing a thinner line. Finally I applied the Maybelline lash sensational mascara. 

Last step: Lips

Finally I decided to line my lips with a brown lip liner and fill them in with a lighter brown lipstick and on top of it I wore some lipgloss.

And this is the final result. I hope you liked this look and if you try it you can share you results with me through instagram, twitter or facebook, I’d love to see them. Anyway, you should always remember that there isn’t a better make up look than you own smile, so try to wear it most of the time.

Have you ever tried a graphic liner look? Have made a blog post about it?

xoxo Darly

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