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Yesterday, I spent the day in Valladolid with some friends. First, let me tell you a little bit about this place. It is the capital city of an autonomous community, called “Castile and Leon” and it is in the centre-west of Spain. The old town has got several ancient buildings: like palaces, churches and a few museums. Luckily wee had a wonderful guide that explained us everything.

Ayer, pasé el día en Valladolid con algunos amigos. Primero, déjame contarte un poco sobre este lugar. Es la ciudad capital de una comunidad autónoma, llamada “Castilla y León” y está en el centro-oeste de España. El casco antiguo tiene varios edificios antiguos: palacios, iglesias y algunos museos. Por suerte tuvimos una maravillosa guía que nos explicó todo. 

The first thing we visited is the cathedral of Valladolid. It has a Renaissance-style and it’s from the XVI century.

Lo primero que visitamos es la catedral de Valladolid. Tiene un estilo renacentista y es del siglo XVI.

Then we went to the Church of Saint Mary the Ancient. As you can see in the picture there are some part of the church that look older than others. The oldest parts of the current temple date to the late 12th century: the gallery in the northern side of the building and the tower, both in Romanesque style.

Luego fuimos a la iglesia de Santa María la Antigua. Como puedes ver en la imagen, ciertas partes de la iglesia son más antiguas que otras. Las partes más antiguas del templo actual datan de finales del siglo XII: la galería en el lado norte del edificio y la torre, ambas en estilo románico.

Then we visited the beautiful “Gutierrez” shopping arcade, which has a Parisian style. At night when it lights up, it look even nicer.

Luego visitamos la hermosa galería comercial “Gutiérrez”, que tiene un estilo parisino. Por la noche, cuando se ilumina, es incluso más bonita.

The Plaza Mayor of Valladolid is the first great plaza in Spain, and closed with arcades, is a space intended for use as a market and as a backdrop to the public celebration. I loved the beautiful red colour in which most of the buildings in this square are painted. 

La Plaza Mayor de Valladolid es la primera gran plaza de España, cerrada con soportales, es un espacio destinado a ser utilizado como mercado y como telón de fondo de la celebración pública. Me encantó el hermoso color rojo en el que están pintados la mayor parte de edificios de esta plaza.

Next, we visited San Pablo’s church and square. It has a really nice facade with Gothic statues from the XVI century. A fun fact about this church is that, as you can see in the picture is made out of two different kinds of stones.

Luego, visitamos la iglesia y la plaza de San Pablo. Tiene una fachada muy bonita con estatuas góticas del siglo XVI. Un hecho divertido sobre esta iglesia es que, como se puede ver en la imagen, se hizo con dos tipos diferentes de piedras.

From that place, we went to the National Sculpture Museum. Here you can see its beautiful main facade. The museum had beautiful sculptures and some paintings. I really liked the inner courtyard with its intricate arches.

Desde ese lugar, fuimos al Museo Nacional de Escultura. Aquí puedes ver su hermosa fachada principal. El museo tenía hermosas esculturas y algunas pinturas. Realmente me gustó el patio interior con sus intrincados arcos.

Have you ever been to Valladolid? Did you enjoyed it?

¿Has ido alguna vez a Valladolid? ¿Te ha gustado?

xoxo Darly

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35 thoughts on “A DAY IN VALLADOLID

  1. I studied in Salamanca, lived in Madrid and traveled to Burgos, Valladolid, Segovia and Caceres…in search of purest Castillian spanish, the Stoics, the Romans, the Moors, El Cid, the deeply Catholic and the frankly secular. On trips, mostly we ate decent platos combinados and saw Romanesque and Gothic churches. Sometimes we’d step into a bar and it was like going back to the 50’s.

    I probably learned more from teaching kids Spanish and having these weirdly relaxed and intimate moments of discovery together because kids are so unguarded. You know what I mean: 45 minutes in and we’re both bored and restless and the lesson’s done and we end up playing a game flicking a paper football across the desk and having a good time. Brought me back to a state of play.

    A carpenter from las cercanias around Madrid thought I was taking his girl with my tales from abroad and my English skills (his Gema was an English teacher and I was her roommate in the same apartment). I couldn’t undestand a fucking word that guy said, and he would visit unannounced and remained suspicious of me. To assure him of my intentions, we would walk the apartment together, bonding, staring at the fridge, the window sill, the floor together, talking about how he was going to fix everything.

    I was a little surprised at how El Escorial was less like a castle and more like an enormous stone hunting cabin and retreat, as though I’d glimsped down a corridor into a room and saw an old man sitting there, gazing nostagically out the window, his shoulders a little shrunken.

    Ah yes….Valladolid. Great city. Thanks for the pics. Sorry for rambling! I miss Spain dearly.

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