Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Last month I had to go to Madrid for a job related interview. Since the bus left me a few hours earlier than my meeting I decided to wonder around Madrid for a couple of hours and take some nice pictures.

El mes pasado tuve que ir a Madrid para una entrevista relacionada con trabajo. Como el autobΓΊs me dejΓ³ unas horas antes de mi reuniΓ³n, decidΓ­ pasear por Madrid un par de horas y hacer algunas fotos.

I was around the Salamanca neighbourhood, which is one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Madrid. In fact it has Serrano street, which is where all the designer stores are, so I decided to do a bit of window shopping around that area. Look at the beautiful Max Mara window.

Estaba en el barrio de Salamanca, que es uno de los barrios mΓ‘s elegantes de Madrid. De hecho, tiene la calle Serrano, que es donde estΓ‘n todas las tiendas de diseΓ±adores, asΓ­ que decidΓ­ mirar los escaparates de la zona. Mirad la hermosa ventana de Max Mara.

Then I decided to go to the Retiro park, but sadly that day was closed due to the wind, so I could only take this picture.

Luego decidΓ­ ir al parque del Retiro, pero lamentablemente ese dΓ­a estaba cerrado debido al viento, asΓ­ que solo pude hacer esta foto.

I also visited the famous Puerta de AlcalΓ‘, which was an old entrance to the city of Madrid, and the famous Metropolis building.Β 

TambiΓ©n visitΓ© la famosa Puerta de AlcalΓ‘, que era una antigua entrada a la ciudad de Madrid, y el famoso edificio MetrΓ³polis.

Then I decided to wander around the different streets and take some random cute pictures.

Entonces decidΓ­ pasear por las diferentes calles y tomar algunas fotos bonitas.

Have you ever been to Madrid? What was your favourite spot?

Have you ever been to Madrid? What was your favourite spot?

xoxo Darly

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60 thoughts on “TWO HOURS IN MADRID

  1. So sad for you, El Retiro is an awesome parc to visit. That’s too bad, you’ll have to go back 😜! And if you do be sure to stop at La Habanera to eat something, best decor and food πŸ‘Œ

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  2. Thanks for reminding me of Madrid. We traveled to EspaΓ±a 2 years ago. One of the places that we loved in Madrid was the Prado. Not only was the artwork amazingβ€”the Museum itself was beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful pics in a beautiful city, I have been a few times and enjoyed every moment .. I remember visiting the Indoor market and eating the most fabulous oysters. Reading this post has me wishing the sun was out today, have a great day.

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