Hello my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s everything going?

Two weeks ago I went to Edinburgh with some friends, so today and on my next posts I’ll be sharing with you the highlights of my trip. I fell absolutely in love with Edinburgh and I can’t wait to go back again. Today come with me to the old town and Edinburgh’s castle.

Hace dos semanas fui a Edimburgo con algunos amigos, asรญ que hoy y en mis prรณximas publicaciones compartirรฉ con vosotr@s los lugares mรกs destacados de mi viaje. Me enamorรฉ de Edimburgo y no puedo esperar a volver. Hoy, ven conmigo al casco antiguo y al castillo de Edimburgo.

Edinburgh’s old town forms part of a protectedย UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s beautifully preserved, it’s has streets and small alleys mixed with one of the highest XVI century buildings I’ve ever seen.

The first thing we decided to do when we arrived is to take a free tour that will show us the centre of Edinburgh. One of the first things we visited was grassmarket. Even though before was an execution place, right now is a pedestrian street surrounded by nice pubs and places to eat. The names of some pubs are related to the history of the street. At night this street is beautiful decorated with fairy lights.

El casco antiguo de Edimburgo forma parte del Patrimonio de la Humanidad protegido por la UNESCO. Estรก hermosamente conservado, tiene calles y pequeรฑos callejones mezclados con unos de los edificios mรกs altos del siglo XVI que he visto.

Lo primero que decidimos hacer cuando llegamos es realizar un tour gratuito que nos mostrase el centro de Edimburgo. Una de las primeras cosas que visitamos fue Grassmarket. Aunque antes este lugar, era un lugar de ejecuciรณn, en la actualidad es una calle peatonal rodeada de agradables pubs y lugares para comer. Los nombres de algunos bares estรกn relacionados con la historia de la calle. Por la noche esta calle estรก decorada con preciosas luces que le dan encanto.

Probably the most famous street of Edinburgh, is Victoria street. This a really colourful and nice street, with small interesting shops like a joke shop, a witchery shop, a Harry Potter inspired shop… For those who are Harry Potter fans like me, I have to add that the they say that J.K.Rowling was inspired by this street to create Diagon Alley. Also in the old town there is a pub called the elephant house, where she wrote some of the books.

Probablemente la calle mรกs famosa de Edimburgo, es la calle Victoria. Es una calle realmente colorida y agradable, con pequeรฑas tiendas interesantes como una tienda de bromas, otra de brujerรญa, una inspirada en Harry Potter … Para aquellos que son fanรกticos de Harry Potter como yo, debo aรฑadir que dicen que JKRowling se inspirรณ por esta calle para crear el callejรณn Diagon. Tambiรฉn en el casco antiguo hay un pub llamado Elephant House, donde escribiรณ alguno de los libros.

As you can see in the picture above Victoria street has two levels, if you take the stairs and walk a bit you arrive to the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is the main street of Edinburgh, is called like this because it joins the two Edinburgh castles.

Como puedes ver en la imagen de arriba, la calle Victoria tiene dos niveles, si coges las escaleras y caminas un poco, llegas a la Royal Mile. La Royal Mile es la calle principal de Edimburgo, se llama asรญ porque se une a los dos castillos de Edimburgo.


One of the things I loved in the Royal Mile is Saint Giles Cathedral. The present cathedral dates from the late 14th century, I think the city of Edinburgh has done a great job maintaining the medieval architecture. I loved the architecture of the cathedral, specially its distinctiveย crown steeple, nevertheless the inside it’s also really beautiful.

Una de las cosas que me encantaron en la Royal Mile es la Catedral de Saint Giles. La catedral actual data de finales del siglo 14, creo que la ciudad de Edimburgo ha hecho un gran trabajo manteniendo la arquitectura medieval. Me encantรณ la arquitectura de la catedral, especialmente su distintivo campanario en forma de corona, sin embargo, el interior tambiรฉn es muy bonito.ย 

Then walking through the Royal Mile, we arrived to the Edinburgh castle. Built in the XII century above a high rock it’s the signature monument of Edinburgh, and it’s visible from most parts of the city. The views from the castle are amazing and the building itself its incredible. As a fun fact, the day that we went was crowded because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were going to visit it.

Luego, caminando por la Royal Mile, llegamos al castillo de Edimburgo. Construido en el siglo XII sobre una roca alta, es el monumento caracterรญstico de Edimburgo, y es visible desde la mayor parte de la ciudad. Las vistas desde el castillo son maravillosas y el edificio en sรญ mismo es increรญble. Como dato curioso, el dรญa que fuimos estaba abarrotado porque el Prรญncipe Harry y Meghan Markle iban a visitarlo.

Anyway I’d recommend you to walk around the streets of the old town and getting lost, because it’s the best way to appreciate the beauty of the old town.

De todos modos, te recomendarรญa que recorras las calles del casco antiguo y te pierdas, porque es la mejor manera de apreciar la belleza del casco antiguo.

Have you visited Edinburgh’s old town? Did you love it as much as I did?

ยฟHas visitado el casco antiguo de Edimburgo? ยฟTe gusto tanto como a mรญ?

xoxo Darly






93 thoughts on “EDINBURGH I: OLD TOWN & CASTLE

  1. I have and itโ€™s hard not to fall in love, especially the Old Town part โ€“ and if you go again and like a good coffee, check out the Edinburgh Larder on Blackfriars Street โ€“ best Cappacinco Iโ€™ve ever had, perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

    I also had the pleasure of dining at The Witchery by the Castle โ€“ warning, itโ€™s not cheap โ€“ but โ€˜WOWโ€™ you get your monies worth, beautiful setting, impeccable service and exquisite food.

    Finallyโ€ฆ after an unplanned trudge up to the top of Holyrood Park, because I happened to come across it and it had a high point that must be reached, I made the return decently cold and battered by the elements โ€“ so was glad to find some where warm and open, anywhere would have done, but Reekieโ€™s Smokehouse on Holyrood Rd was a bonus โ€“ made me an off menu โ€˜hot toddyโ€™ and serve little buckets off shredded meat that really hit the spot.

    Glad you enjoyed your time there and hope these will prove welcome tips for anyone else looking in and visiting.

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  2. I really love the different colored buildings in one of the pictures. Something Iโ€™ve noticed about old towns in Europe is that many of the buildings are all the same color (well, for obvious reasons), but Iโ€™ve never really loved that look. The uniformity is aesthetically unpleasing to me. I prefer visual breaks in the uniformity. Of course, Edinburgh doesnโ€™t exist to visually please me, haha, just an observation. Anyway, how amazing is it to be in a city with a castle for a backdrop?


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  3. Loved this post! We visited Scotland this past summer and spent a few days in Edinburgh. Such a lovely city! Did you get a chance to climb Arthur’s Seat?! Even half way up you can enjoy some magnificent views!!

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  4. Iโ€™ve been a few times, itโ€™s a wonderful city. I would recommend visiting for New Years (Hogmanay), I went for the most recent New Years Eve/Day and it was such a fun place to visit at that time of year.

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  5. These pictures are amazing. Iโ€™m going to Scotland in December, I just booked my trip yesterday. I feel this a sign that I picked the right place to visit. Thanks for writing this and showing us your beautiful photos.

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  6. One of the most amazing sites you can see in Edinburgh is Mary Kings Close, which runs under the Royal Mile……….When I visited this site many years ago it was only accessible on a school trip or if you knew someone with a little pull. Since the close ends under the parliament buildings, visiting was only possible when parliament was not in session. Unfortunately like all good secrets, it has now been fully exposed, and is quite the tourist trap since its opening in 2003. For those unaware, Edinburgh was built up rather than out due to its geography (surrounded by hills), the close used to be an open aired street in the 1600’s only to be buried as the city expanded up. Today, there is a theatrical performance that tells the story of the past for around 15.00 pounds. The myth I was exposed to those many years ago was that they sealed up the close during the Plague and when it was exposed during the building of the Royal Exchange there were still original butcher hooks, cobblers’ tools and artifacts that had been untouched for centuries. With all that said, this ranks up there with the Jack the Ripper walking tour (best done by Simon Todd, one of the Beefeaters, Google him)……what I mean is although it’s a tourist exhibit, there is a limit to who knows about it, therefore you still get a sense of discovery, and who knows maybe you will see a ghost or two.

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  7. Fantastic post and very timely. I live in Edinburgh and I am going to write about my life here. It’s an amazing city to live in and it’s great that you wrote about and share your lovely photos with the world. Next time you’re here look me up. Would love to have a coffee with you. Jo x

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