Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a really easy DIY that looks really cute at the same time. This season flower embroidered hoodies are really in, so instead of buying a new one I decided recycling an old one. I love giving a new life to my old clothes, instead of buying new ones.Β 

Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros un DIY realmente fΓ‘cil, que es muy mono al mismo tiempo. Esta temporada las sudaderasΒ con flores bordadas estΓ‘n realmente de moda, asΓ­ que en vez de comprar una nueva decidΓ­ reciclar una vieja. Me encanta dar nueva vida a mi ropa vieja, en vez de comprar ropa nueva.

All you need for this DIY is a plain hoodie or sweatshirt and a embroidered patch. Since I wanted some embroidered flowers, and I’m obsessed with almond tree flowers, I decided to get one in the shape of an almond tree branch with flowers. I bought my patch in Aliexpress for only 1€, they have a selection of really nice patches at very low prices. The one that I bough has a really nice quality and it matched my hoodie perfectly. You can purchase it here.

Todo lo que necesitas para este DIY es una sudadera lisa y un parche bordado. Como querΓ­a algunas flores bordadas y estoy obsesionada con las flores de almendro, decidΓ­ comprar una en forma de una rama de almendro con flores. ComprΓ© mi parche en Aliexpress por solo 1 €, tienen una selecciΓ³n de parches muy bonitos a precios muy bajos. El que tengo tiene una calidad realmente buena y combina perfectamente con mi sudadera. Puedes comprarlo aquΓ­.

Anyway you should always make sure that it’s an iron on patch, because if I had to sew it, it’d have taken much more time. To iron it you should put your iron on a setting without steam, put a thin towel or cloth between the iron and the patch and iron it for 15 seconds on each side. Make sure you don’t move the hoodie until it’s completely cooled down and tadaaah, you have your own flower embroidered hoodie.

De todos modos, siempre debes asegurarte de que sea un parche de planchar, porque si hubiera tenido que coserlo habrΓ­a tardado mucho mΓ‘s tiempo. Para planchar, debes colocar la plancha en un ajuste sin vapor, colocar una toalla o paΓ±o delgado entre la plancha y el parche y planchar durante 15 segundos en cada lado. AsegΓΊrate de no mover la sudadera hasta que estΓ© completamente frΓ­a y tadaaah, tienes tu propia sudadera con flores bordadas.

I also decided to create a look with the hoodie. I choose to pair it with some cream high waisted mum jeans (in this case they were literally jeans from my mom). Since the flowers have some light pink on them, I wore my light pink coat from Zara and some light pink sneakers from Primark. I think this look it’s really confortable but it looks cute at the same time.

TambiΓ©n decidΓ­ crear un look con la sudadera. DecidΓ­ combinarla con unos vaqueros color crema con cintura alta y estilo mum (en este caso, literalmente, eran vaqueros de mi madre). Como las flores tienen toques rosas, llevΓ© mi abrigo rosa claro de Zara y unas zapatillas rosas claras de Primark. Creo que este look es realmente cΓ³modo, muy mono al mismo tiempo.

I hope you liked this easy DIY. If you try it please share your results with me through instagram, twitter or facebook. I’d love to see your take on this DIY.

Espero que les haya gustado este fΓ‘cil DIY. Si lo intentΓ‘is, compartid vuestros resultados conmigo a travΓ©s de Instagram, Twitter o Facebook. Me encantarΓ­a ver vuestra versiΓ³n de este DIY.

Do you like giving a new life to your old clothes or buying new ones? What do you think of the embroidered hoodie trend?

ΒΏTe gusta darle una nueva vida a tu ropa vieja o comprar una nueva? ΒΏQuΓ© te parece la tendencia de la sudadera bordada?

xoxo Darly







  1. It looks so pretty, I think I need to find a cheap pastel hoodie and try this. I love DIYing clothes but I already have so many and I get sucked in by sales so end up with just buying them. One year I had a plan to try and do an item of clothing from scratch, years later it still hasn’t happened!

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  2. Great DIY πŸ™‚ I try to buy all my clothes in second-hand shops so I very often give them a new life. Not so long ago I transformed a long old-fashioned skirt into a dress. It is my favourite now πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Darly, your work is really awesome, you do great job with DIY, I truly admire it and wish I could also do it that better. I anxiously follow your blog..Thumbs up

    Darly I am hosting multiple giveaways on my website You think it could benefit your followers, you can post it on your blog. I will definitely refer you in my blog too. Love

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  5. Hi Darly, I love the embroidered sweatshirt you embellished.πŸ’– I am also a fan of cherry blossoms so this is perfection. Now I want to try this too! Lol! Will let you know when I do. Thanks for the fun way to jazz up a sweatshirt.

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  6. Wonderful DIY! And so easy!

    I love the fact that clothing is being reused. It always seems like a waste to only wear something for a little while and then never touch it again or donate it. Much of the donated clothing goes into landfills too. Great job!

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      • Yep, even worse because literal tons of clothes are donated each year now that clothes are so cheap to buy a lot of places actually end up selling our donated duds overseas for a profit, although even a lot of those end up going to landfills because there is still just too much! I’m always glad to get great ideas to reimagine the clothes I already own and keep them out of a landfill.

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  7. This is such a great DIY! Simple and easy, but also super gorgeous! I love the outfit you put together to really show off the hoodie. It’s getting a little warm for long sleeves here in Florida, but I think this could easily be translated to a tank top as well…hmmm…maybe something for me to try out. Thank you for the inspirational post!

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