Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a bit of a different make up look. I usually wear warm coloured eyeshadows but since winter is coming I wanted to give a go to more cold eyeshadows. I liked the way it turned out but I think cold coloured eyeshadows don’t look good on me.

First step: Skin

I applied the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream in the colour light beige all over my face with a beauty blender. As a concealer I used the Bourjois radiant concealer to get ride of my imperfections and my dark circles.

I bronzed up my face with the Savvy mineral baked bronzer in the colour radiance, I applied it on my jaw line, right under my cheeks, on the top of my front and on my temples. On my apple cheeks I used this Essence blusher in the number 20. For highlighter I used the W7 strobing stick on the highest point of my cheeks. Finally I sprayed some avene water to help the make up look more dewy and last longer.

Second step: Eyes

For my eyeshadow the first thing I did, was to put concealer all over the eyelid as an eye primer. This will make the eyeshadow last longer and look more intense.

The I used the light blue KIKO eyeshadow and I put it all over the eye lid ,using the flat part of the brush. Then I used the dark blue eyeshadow and I applied it on the crease and on the outer part of the eye. It’s really important to blend it using a brush like the one in the picture. Then to lighten up the inner corner I used some shimmery cream eyeshadow.

Then I made a winged eyeliner, which it’s a must for this look. The way I like to do it, is this: First I draw a very thin line on my top lashes, using the Deliplus liquid eyeliner, I do a flick the side of my eye, pointing towards the end of my eyebrow, and I join it with the previous line. I also used the white Esence kajal pencil on my water line in order to make my eyes look bigger. On my lashes I used the Loreal sculpt mascara, this mascara will make you lashes look huge and separated.

Last step: Lips

For my lips I used the Cien lipstick in the colour nude brown. I figured out since the eyes had colour I’d go for a nude lip. To kind of give it a frost effect I put some clear lip gloss on top.

And this is the final result. I hope you liked this look and if you try it you can share you results with me through instagram, twitter or facebook, I’d love to see them. Anyway, you should always remember that there isn’t a better make up look than you own smile, so try to wear it most of the time.

Do you prefer cold or warm eyeshadow colours? Do you usually wear highlighter?

xoxo Darly






97 thoughts on “❄ WINTER MAKE UP ❄

  1. I’m definitely a warm toned eyeshadow lover, but I must say you’ve inspired me with the blue wings! I love the Bourjois CC Cream, it’s one of those products that’s quick and reliable, and gives pretty good coverage considering it’s not a full on foundation. Great post x

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  2. You always look great.

    Although I don’t normally like typing, several years ago, I bought a course from Carol Tuttle, called dressing your truth. I found out I am a type 1 and it has not only helped me claim more of my true nature, the guidelines have helped me learn more easily what clothes I’ll like initially as well as in the long run after wearing them for awhile.

    My colors are more bright, fun, uplifting.

    She’s now offering the course for free. It’s helped me understand others more easily, too.

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  3. Hey! I really love you blog and what you have to say and it would mean the world to me if you would help me out. I have a quick question. I need some help. I want to know how you got your followers. I’d really love some advice if you would give it. I’m very new to this blog thing and I want to become interesting to people. -Sophie

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  4. I also stay away from cold tones, just don’t like them. But it’s always good to try something new and it might end up fabulous, like your blue wings did! Looking good 😀

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