Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a look that it’s a bit different to my usual style, but I really ended up loving the result. I think in fashion (as in life) it’s sometimes good to go out of your confort zone and try new things, because you may end up discovering new things you like.

I styled the hole look around this oversized jacket. This jacket is really special to me because it has a bit of a story behind. My mum bought an average jacket and decided she wanted to spiced it up a bit, so she designed what she wanted to add to the jacket, and since my grandmother was a great retailer she sew it for my mum. Β I love the colour of this jacket, the beautiful fabric that my grandma added and the fact that it’s unique.

I really love the current denim on denim trend so I decided to pair it with this joggers from Bershka. I love joggers because they are as comfortable as sweatpants but they look much more put together. Since the look already had colour I went with black and white for the rest of the look. I wore a white crop top from Bershka and some white sneakers from Primark.

I also added a bit of black to the look with my black leather handbag and my black rounded glasses. Lately I’ve been loving rounded glasses. Finally I wore some gold layered necklaces and my gold ring. But this time, since I’m so obsessed with gold, I took it one step further and I painted my nails in a golden colour.

Do you like the denim over denim trend? Do you prefer rounded glasses or square glasses?

xoxo Darly






119 thoughts on “DENIM ON DENIM

  1. Great outfit. The jacket is great. I’ve noticed a lot of different denim jackets this year…..with pearls on them, embroidered flowers, stars on them….all kinds. I love my denim jackets and wear them with many of my looks. I like them with long gauzy dresses, jeans and jean skirts, white lacy skirts…..

    Have you seen the cute drop waist flouncy skirt denim dress on Zara?

    Love your nails and jewelry!

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  2. First of all kudos on your ability to wear a mostly denim outfit. Some of us can’t pull it off or are too scared to try.
    Secondly, That jacket reminds me of the demin jacket I had in middle school! I loved demin jackets back then. Also, I love the nail color, but brand? Please tell.

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