Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the second part of my weekend trip to Bilbao. This time I visited Bilbao centre, the Guggenheim museum and one of the beaches.

This walk began in the Federico Moyua square. This square is in the centre of Bilbao and it’s surrounded by shops, from Zara to designer shops like Michel Kors or Max Mara. Of course I had to do a bit of window shopping.

From this square you can walk to the Guggenheim museum, because it’s ten minutes away. On the way you can see some really cool architecture, like this house in the picture.

Then we arrived to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. The building was designed by the architectΒ Frank Gehry. I absolutely love the original shape of the building and the fact that is built with titanium and glass. I also like the sculptures outside of the museum like the puppy and the spider. When I was little and I went to Bilbao with my family I always wanted to see the puppy made with flowers.

Finally we went to the Algorta beach, which is in a village next to Bilbao. You can click here to read a post I made about Algorta village. We had an amazing weather so we enjoyed the beach and a beautiful sunset.

Have you ever been to Guggenheim? What’s your favourite museum?

xoxo Darly






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