Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the pieces of clothing that I’ve bought on the Summer sales. Most of this pieces are really affordable just in case you want to buy them.

The first piece of this haul is this red playsuit from Bershka. I usually spend all the Summer wearing dresses but I also love to go everywhere with my bike and this is a difficult combination. That’s why I’m starting to buy more playsuits. I love the red colour on this playsuit and that it’s fitted on the waist. I think it’s price was around 10 €.

The first piece that I bough in H&M is this bodycon dress. I liked this dress because it wasn’t very short and I think the two black stripes that it has on the sides are very flattering for the body, they give the illusion of being thinner. The price of this dress on sales was 7€.

Another piece that I also bought in H&M is this cute sweatshirt. I like the length of the sweatshirt because it has a longer length but you can turn it around and make it cropped. But the thing that really drawn me to it is it’s confident message. I think that nowadays many people is lacking of selfconfident, but I believe people should love themselves just the way they are. The price of this sweatshirt was only 3€.

Finally from H&M I bought this pair of trousers. I love them because they are high waisted but they also are stretchy so when you sit down they are still very comfortable. For me it’s really difficult to find a trouser that fits my thighs and my waist at the same time. Therefore, when I tried on these trousers and realised that they fitted perfectly I couldn’t be happier. The price of this pair of jeans was also very convenient because it was only 7 €.

In Primark I bought this pair of white sneakers. If you know me you know I’m all about comfortable shoes, but I never though Primark shoes were this comfortable. So when I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised. Another thing that I love about these sneakers is that they are all in one colour, which I believe they make them more elegant. The price of this sneakers was 5 €.

Then I bought this black lace dress from Zara. Sadly in the picture you can’t see the lace properly. I liked this dress because it reminds me of the Dolce and Gabbana typical dresses. I know I repeat myself but I love this dress because it’s tight but it also has a knee length. The price for this dress was 12 €.

Finally, from Stradivarius I bought this crop top. Right now, this kind of stretchy fabric is in fashion again, I remember it was on fashion on the nineties. The style of this top is usually shorter and it usually comes with an off the shoulder style. The price of this top was only 3€.

Is it difficult for you to find trousers that fit you perfectly? Did you buy anything on this sales?

xoxo Darly







  1. I totally love your taste in clothing I myself and huge sales fanatic I shop 3 to 4 times a week I collect shoes, purses, perfumes, clothes and makeup. I decided to start my own business so I am an independent sales rep for Avon and I have already purchased over 30 pair of shoes from Avon as well as their dresses and clothing pieces from there mark and Avon line. They have a really great selection on all of their Products Avon is not just for women anymore we cater to everybody’s needs and we just celebrated 130 years in business I would love to be your Avon lady feel free to check out my store and also my blog it’s all a work in progress but I’m rocking along. Happy shopping
    Thank you

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  2. I can relate to the trouser issue 😂 love this post! I’ve just had a little splurge in the sales today so very excited to wear all my new clothes! 😊

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