Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you a look I’ve been loving for the past Summer hot days. I think it’s a quite smart look comparing it to other Summer looks. I feel comfortable wearing it to class or the library.

The main part of this look are this beautiful dark red palazzo pants. You might remember them from my last fashion haul. Palazzo pants are really trendy this year and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love them because they are high wasted, floaty and this particular ones have a cute ribbon as a belt.

I love combining them with crop tops. In this case I choose this white crop top with small openings on the sides. Both the trousers and the crop top are from Stradivarius.

As accessories I wore some beige sandals and a cute beige small bag. Wearing a small bag helps me to not overpack it, sometimes my bag is full of unnecessary things and it’s really heavy.

Lately I’ve been loving golden jewellery. For this look I wore a beautiful gold choker with pearls that was from my grandmother. Then I also wore two golden bracelets. I’m absolutely in love with the one in the shape of a nail. This bracelet has a similar style to the Cartier “juste un clou” bracelet. I also wore my rose gold watch. I think gold and rose gold mix quite well.

Do you like palazzo pants? Do you prefer a larger or smaller bag?

xoxo Darly






144 thoughts on “PALAZZO PANTS

  1. I’m in love with these pants. I’ve loved this style my whole life. I grew up watching old movies and the women always wore these beautiful drapy pants. And the color? Ughhh so good. I always prefer a smaller bag. Actually im.always trying to stick things in my guy friend’s pockets so that I can carry nothing. Lately though, I’ve been getting better. Wearing mid-sized bags instead of little wallets bags that can hardly hold my phone.
    p.s. You look beautiful.

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  2. These pants are giving me all kinds of life! I love palazzo pants mainly because of what you said. They are so light, flowy, and comfortable! I also think they look amazeballs on everyone, no matter your size! I love them I have to get more! Palazzo pants and dresses are always my go to’s for the summer!
    Now for bags I love me a HUGE bag! Idk why I just do. But cross bodies are more convenient and less cumbersome! I think both could work for this outfit! Love it! ❀️

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  3. Love the red whole look stunning! My daughter got married last year the bridal party all in black almost went for it myself but decided on red best choice I made, nothing like a lady in red!

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  4. Love the look, particularly as you can wear it smart, casual, professional, pretty much any way you like. Plus the colour is PERFECT on you!!! Xx

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