Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today it’s my last post in the London series, I hope most of you aren’t tired of my London adventures. On my last day I visited the British Museum, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus.

The first thing we did in the morning was going to the British Museum, we decided to leave it to the last day because we knew we were going to be quite tired. My favourite parts of the British Museum are the Egyptian and the ancient Greek parts.

When I was younger the number one place I wanted to travel to was Egypt, probably because my parents went there on their honeymoon. That’s why we have some papyrus around the house as decoration and some Egyptian jewellery, that my mum bought. When I was a child I loved trying the jewellery on.

Of course one of my weakness is to be interested in jewellery, fashion and beauty of ancient times. In the picture below we can see some beautiful Greek Jewellery.

After spending the morning in the museum we went to a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to go, which is the Asian restaurant chain called Wagamama. The food was different but really tasty. Since I wanted to feel all the experience I tried eating with the chopsticks but it was an absolute fail, so I ended up eating it with the fork.

After having lunch, we went shopping around Oxford street and we reached Piccadilly Circus. Sadly all the light panels were covered.

That night I took my flight back to Madrid. I hope you have enjoyed my trip and this posts have make you feel like you were with me in London.

Have you ever been to the British museum? What’s your favourite ancient culture?

xoxo Darly







  1. Glad you enjoyed the British Museum. On our last visit to London (for a West End show or two), we walked past the museum on our way to Covent Garden, but never went in. Maybe we should on our next visit! Thanks for the photos, I’ve really enjoyed your view of London.

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