Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I will share with you a morning in Candem Market and an evening in King’s Cross station where I took the famous Harry Potter picture.

On Sunday we went to Camden market, because it’s the main day. I love the different 3D decorations in the store’s facades. I would absolutely recommend you to go inside some peculiar shops as Cyberdog. I think it’s really interesting to see the different clothes and items that they sell. It’s also really cool to see the diversity of styles that people wear around Candem.

On Candem there is also a point that’s full of food stands. Everything looked so good and yummy, I ended up having some French food.

After spending the morning in Camden we went to King cross station. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I am an absolute Harry Potter fan. So I had to go to King’s Cross Station, where there’s a wall with the Harry Potter trolley to take a picture.

They let you wear a scarf of your favourite house, of course I chose the Griffindor one. Because I love it and because it’s where I got sorted in the Pottermore test. They also let you pick a wand and I’m such a fun, that I already knew how to Hermione looked, so I piked up that one. The only think I should warn you about is that the line to take the picture is 30 mins long.

Even tough if you’re not a Harry Potter fun I think you should visit the outside of the station because it’s really beautiful.

Have you ever been to Candem market? Are you a Harry Potter fan?

xoxo Darly






65 thoughts on “LONDON V: CANDEM & KING’S CROSS

  1. What interesting store fronts. What kinds of clothes do they have inside?

    I had seen a couple Harry Potter films but then stayed in a house with a man who had all of them so watched the entire series from beginning to end. I’ve had a very magical and mystical life so I loved them.

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  2. I love the 3D store fronts in Camden Market, never been there. We’re usually aiming for Coven Garden from Kings Cross. I notice the station frontage you show is St. Pancras. Where is the Harry Potter place? Kings Cross or St. Pancras?

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  3. Camden is my absolute favourite place in London. So much to see and take in! It’s like a magical little corner of London where variety is the spice of life!
    Also love Harry Potter, get a train to Watford to visit the studios! Best Β£40 ever spent! Much love, E x

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  4. Camden is one of my favourite places in London. You just feel so free, no judgement, and everyone you meet just expresses themselves in their own way. Totally unique place. Also huge Harry Potter fan over here! Have you been to the HP tour? X

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  5. Camden is beautiful and so quirky, I tried a camel burger when I went! Loads of strange food there. I’ve not yet seen the Harry potter trolley, but it’s next on my list when I’m in London again. Great post 😊

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  6. I live here! It’s so bizarre when I see it online 😜
    Did you go into the irregular choices shop? They’ve got the most bizarre shoes you’ve ever seen, they’re amazing

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