Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

I’m sorry I haven’t written a post in a while but this two past weeks I’ve had the university finals. In fact last Friday I had the last University exam of my life. Β Last year I finished the maths degree and this year I’m finishing the computer science degree.

Today I was planning to continue writing about my London trip, but since yesterday’s terrible attacks I don’t think it’s the right time. So I’ll write about it in some future posts. Instead today I’m going to share with you an outfit that I wore to my cousin’s wedding two weeks ago.

The main part of the look is this beautiful dusty pink dress from H&M. This is the first bodycon dress I’ve ever bought, I think I like it because it doesn’t have an stretchy material so it isn’t really tight . I also like the fact that it’s not very short, I think adds elegance to the dress. And the last thing I love about this dress, is that it has an open back.

I paired the dress with a black blazer from Mango, just in case it was a bit cold outside. I also wore black high heels, this ones are quite comfortable because the heel isn’t very thin and they have a strap. Finally I wore a “vintage” black bag with some golden details. I say “vintage” because I was actually from my mum. As accessories I wore a beautiful statement necklace from Bijou Brigitte and a rose gold and nude watch.

Have you recently been to a wedding or special celebration like a prom? What did you wear?

xoxo Darly







82 thoughts on “WEDDING OUTFIT

  1. Lovely dress and is very flattering on you. I’m curious about whether you wore some kind of bra with this dress or just went without. I see cute backless clothes and wonder about that.

    I love how simple and elegant your outfit is and you look lovely as always.

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  2. don’t let the terrorists silence you lovely lady – that’s what they want to happen, to silence democracy and freedom of speech. London needs your love and support so blog away and tell us more about your trip and tell the world to be brave and keep on keeping on believing in peace.

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  3. Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! Congratulations on your graduations! My son is also a software engineer; I don’t understand all of it but it is an excellent field to be in! Plus, he fixes my computer when the crazy gnomes inside reek havoc! LOL! Can’t wait to hear about your London adventures!

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  4. Congratulations for finishing your degrees!! And good on you for following your dreams in the typical “male” field!! That is will be a motivation to other girls wanting to work in STEM fields. Love the outfit too, I’ve only recently started liking pink as a colour and you pull it off really well

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  5. You look stunning! what a pretty dress and I love the color! As a fellow female in science and engineering, we are quite proud to see more females in this field! Beauty and brains! Congrats on your accomplishments!

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