Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to continue sharing with you some of my memories from my London trip. I’m loving writing this post because it’s making me remember the hole trip and and all the happy memories I had during it.

So I’m going to pick it up from the day that I left it. That same day after watching the musical, we walkedΒ beside the river to the Big Ben area. We saw the Big Ben, the houses of the parliament, Westminster Abbey…

After we walked to Trafalgar Square. Sadly this time we didn’t go to the National Gallery, nevertheless I had already been there before.

And finally that day we went to Chinatown. I love how the red garlands give a colourful touch to the streets and it curious shops.

Next day we went to the Natural History Museum. I’ve always wanted to go to this museum because when I was a little girl I went with my mother to London. Actually London is the first city I ever visited that wasn’t from Spain. The thing is that we went to the museum but it was closing so they didn’t let us in. So this time I finally went and I absolutely loved it. It’s a really fun museum because there are many interactive points. My favourite parts were the dinosaurs, specially the real size T-Rex that moves, the interactive games of Human Biology, Human Evolution and the earthquake simulation room. I also love how beautiful is the museum building.

Have you ever been to Natural History Museum? What’s your favourite museum?

xoxo Darly







  1. I like your blogging style. At the moment mine is mainly photography, with the site called that’s to be expected! But after our Canada and Alaska trip I created 3 photo books in a similar style to yours. After that, I used Adobe Spark Pages to recreate the Photobooks, using a style very close to yours – words, 1 or more photos, words, 1 or more photos etc. They are very popular with family and friends and can include video too (I took quite a bit on that holiday).

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  2. Good photos. The last one is great fun. I live just outside London and have been to the Natural History museum many times. They host corporate parties, so you get to look around with only a few other people. Great fun!

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  3. I was in London, with my late wife, in 1982. We also saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Covent Garden, as well as the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum. I have visited Museums of Natural History in New York City, Washington, Denver and San Diego.

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  4. Another great blog with lots of good pictures. Pointless trivia no. 487 – Big Ben is not the name of the building or tower as many people believe, or indeed call it, Big Ben is the name of just the bell inside the tower.

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  6. Your photos of London reminded me of my trip to the city back in 2011. I cannot forget the moment I first laid my eyes on the Death of Lady Jane Grey in the national gallery…

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