Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

The 30th of March was my birthday I turned 23 years old and I celebrated with my family and friends and I just had the most lovely day. So today I want to share with you some gifts that I’ve received. It’s not to brag about them it’s just I wanted to give my opinionΒ about this products. Plus it may be that I’m a bit nosey, but I love to read this kind of posts.


All I can say it’s that I’m absolutely in love with this smartphone. First of all, I want to talk about its double camera. It takes great pictures even when there isn’t a lot of light and it has an amazing quality. Another thing that I love it’s that, because its double camera, it has that effect where you can blur the background of the picture. The same as the Iphone 7 plus portrait mode, but for much less money. Β It also has a really good frontal camera. I also love that the battery last for a long time and it charges really quickly. The last thing I want to mention about this phone is that it has a setting where the screen turns a bit yellow so it protects your eyes.


I don’t know if I had said it but I ride my bike almost everywhere. Until now I didn’t own an adult bike. I had one that was third hand and it was for kids. So it was about time that I had a new bike. I’m absolutely in love with this bicycle I love its pink colour and shape. I also like that it has mudguard so I don’t get wet when it’s raining.


It’s no surprise to you that I love breakfast at Tiffany’s and everything that it’s related with it. So I’ve always wanted to have the typical hart shape pendant. I was so happy when I got this charm I haven’t stopped wearing it since. I might have liked it even more if it was a bit bigger, because I have the smaller size, but it’s beautiful anyway.


Last year for my birthday I got a big colouring book. But the other day I was telling my friend I’d love a smaller one to take on little trips with me. So for my birthday she got me this beautiful mandala book.Β ColouringΒ really relaxes me, this has happened to me since I was a little girl, and that’s one of the reasons I love make up.


This is more a need that a gift but I really love this new eyeglasses. It has a slightly 50’s shape that I think is very flattering on eyeglasses.


So on Easter I’m going to go to London with some friends (you’ll probably see many post about it in the future) and my mum got me a new suitcase for the trip.


Do you use your bike? What’s your dream jewellery piece?

xoxo Darly






63 thoughts on “23th BIRTHDAY GIFTS

  1. Happy belated birthday! Love the bike! We’re a lifestyle and beauty blog based in Muenster, Germany and it’s a HUGE biking city πŸ™‚
    Please pop by to our site when you get a chance lemonlashesblog.wordpress.com

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