Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

These last week we have had the loveliest weather in my home town. With such a nice weather, I always feel like wearing more crazy colours, not only in my clothes, but also on my nails. So today, I’m going to share with you this fun DIY nail design. It may look difficult but following this steps is really easy.

For creating this look the only thing that is mandatory is three nail polishes in three different colours. If you want to make the design pop up a bit more you can always apply a light colour nail polish to use as a base.

Another thing that you’ll need is this nail tool. As I explained in this other nail post, for making it, all you are going to need is a pencil with a rubber at the end and a pin. All you have to do is nail the pin into the rubber and you will achieve a great nail art tool. This tool is perfect for making little polka dots but is also quite useful for making little drawings on your nails.

Since I made some effort in my nails I wanted them to last for a long time, that’s why I decided to also use the Essence the gel base coat first. Then I painted two layers of the Essence nail polish in the number 54 dream on. When I paint my nails my friends always ask me how I do it to not go out of the line, so I though I’d explain it to you too. The first thing you must do is place the brush on the back part of the nail and moving towards you finger get as close as you can from the cuticle, then make a line to the centre. Beginning from the same point as before do two lines at the sides of your nails again getting as close as possible to the cuticle. It’s better to leve a bit of space than painting the cuticle.

To make the flower design, first using a green nail, polish draw a thin line with the side of the head of the tool. Afterwards using the head of the tool and dragging it a bit make the shape of a leaf.

Then using the golden colour and the head of the tool make a dot close to it.

Then using the colour of your choice make six dots around the previous one creating the shape of a flower. You can leave the other nails without anything, but since I wanted to make a fun design, using the three previous colours and the dotting tool, I draw little polka dots on them. Finally to make the last for a really long time I used the Essence the gel as a top coat. As I said on my favourites this top coat really helps your nails to not chip

I hope you liked this looks and if you try them at home you can share the result with me trough twitter, instagram or facebook.

Click here to check my Spring YouTube video, where I made a DIY FLOWER GARLAND

How’s the weather in your area ? Have you ever made nail art?

xoxo Darly






51 thoughts on “DIY SPRING NAILS

  1. My spring nails have 2 turquoise coats, and then I put a top coat, put some orange diamond sparkles, and then another top coat. They turned out fine, but I almost never do my nails. Great post and tips! πŸ’…

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  2. I love your idea for the nail tool! I’ve tried toothpicks before but they’re too sharp to get the dots properly. I will try this in the future ^^ love your nails!

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  5. So cute ! I love doing nail art myself so it’s always good to get some inspiration from others (I’m also totally binge reading your posts right now and I love your content) thank you!

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