Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I bring you another Spring outfit I’ve been loving this last days. The whole look is based around “mum jeans”. Mum jeans are high wasted jeans, that are not thigh around the knees and the bottom of the jeans is folded above the ankle.

I called the real mum jeans because this are mum jeans that are actually from my mum. From time to time I wonder around her closet and I find some vintage items that have come back. So the other day I discovered this beautiful mum jeans from the brand Pepe Jeans in her wardrobe and I fell in love with them. I really like that they light colour, that’s perfect for Spring and the fact that the are not faded. I don’t know if you’ve realised around my different posts but I’m not a big fan of faded jeans, at least I don’t like the way they look on me.

Then I paired the jeans with this beautiful stripe cropped jumper. I really love the french colourful words that are sewed all over it, I think they add a fun and colourful touch and they make the jumper a bit more special. This jumper is from El corte inglΓ©s.

Then in order to add a bit more of colour to the look i decided to tie a red scarf around my black bag. Sometimes you don’t have a bag in the colour that you may wish for that look. But I believe that if you take a neutral colour bag and you add a accessory of the desired colour it can work pretty nice. Finally I also painted my lips in a beautiful red colour.

For my shoes I wore this comfortable bit smart looking boots. I know they seem like they have a lot of heel, but since in the tip it has some heel too it is really comfortable. I choose heeled boots because since this trousers aren’t very smart I think with the heel you can make the look a bit more put together.

Do you also wonder around your mum’s closet? What’s the last treasure you found?

Do you add accessories to your bags to add a pop of colour?

xoxo Darly






45 thoughts on “THE REAL MUM JEANS

  1. I’m older, but do have some skinny jeans and low waist ones, but now I don’t like skinny jeans as they feel so restrictive in my calves. I also don’t like the low waists anymore as I feel I always have to be pulling up. I love mum jeans…the comfort and room to move. Looks like yours are also button fly which I love.

    Your outfit looks great on you. Cute and comfy looking boots.

    I have stuff of my mom’s and also my grandmother.

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      • She had outlandish taste. I have a black silk kimono type dressing gown of hers, with gold fringe, and embroidered large flowers in bowls, all around the bottom half. I have a felt cloche hat with velvet band and beaded, a sequined alligator pin with a mouth that opens, a lovely beaded evening purse with beads hanging down and the closure part and chain are sterling silver, a brass light that is a peacock with fanned out tail, all done with crystals and beads and a few other fancy dishes and clothes, all in strong colors.

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  2. This look is great for Spring and really suits you! I have an amazing houndstooth pencil skirt of my mum’s from the 80’s! And a vintage pair of dunlop green flash trainers of my dad’s! Love it! X

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