Hello my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the Instagram baddie makeup. This makeup look is really bold and is based on huge lips and eyelashes, thick sharped eyeliner, filled in eyebrows and nude colours.ย Although this look uses natural colours, it isn’t natural at all, I would only wear it for a night out or a special event.


First step: Skin

I applied the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream in the colour light beige all over my face and I blend it with my beauty blender. As a concealer I used the Bourjois radiantย concealer to get ride of my imperfections. To countour I used my Deliplusย highlighter to highlight some areas like my under eyes, the cupids bow and the centre of my forehead. To countour I also used a darker foundation. I applied it on the sides of my nose (make sure to make a thin line) under my cheek bones and on my jaw line. In the picture it looks pretty scary but once you blend it it looks natural.



I bronzed up my faceย with the Savvy mineral baked bronzer in the colour radiance, I applied it on my jaw line, right under my cheeks, on the top of my front and on my temples.ย On my apple cheeks I used this Essence blusher in the number 20.

I also baked my face using theย Essence translucent powder. I applied it under my eyes and above my jaw line. The technique for baking is putting a lot of powder, leaving it for a few minutes and then brushing gently all the excess.



Secondย step: Eyebrows and eyeshadows

As I said previously this signature look has really bold eyebrows. So I filled in my brows using the darkest colour theย Essence Hello Autumn eyebrow set.


For my eyeshadows the first thing I did, was to put concealer all over the eyelid as an eye primer. This will make the eyeshadow last longer and look more intense. To get a sharp eyeshadow I used some scotch tape, I put it from the side of my eye towards the end of my eyebrow. Make sure you first stick it somewhere else to remove the excess of glue.

The I used the workaholic shadow and I put it all over the eye crease using the blending brush. This browny oringy eyeshadow will work as a transition colour.Then to darken up the outer V I used the colour Overachiver, which is a dark burgundy.ย I placedย the colour Deadline all over the eyelid and on the brow bone.ย Finally I wore the colour Overtime, which is a shimmery pink, in the inner corner.



Third step: Eyeliner and Mascara

Then I made a winged eyeliner, which itโ€™s a must for this look.ย The way I like to do it, is this: First I draw a very thin line on my top lashes,ย using theย Deliplus liquid eyeliner, I do a flick the side of my eye, pointing towards the end of my eyebrow, and I join it with the previous line. I also used the white Esence kajal pencil on my water line in order to make my eyes look bigger.

As I said for this look you need huge eyelashes. I used the Eylure lashes in the number 70. I cut them by half and I put them on the outer corner of the eye.ย Finally I applied a coat of mascara on my top lashes and a little bit on my bottom lashes in order to blend them with the fake eyelashes. I used theย Loreal sculptย mascara, this mascara will make you lashes look huge.



Last step: Lips

For my lipsย I used the Maybelline super stay 24 matt liquid lipstick in the number 185. I think this colour it’s perfect because it’s kind of nude and matt liquid lipsticks are perfect if you want to overdraw you lips. I also like that it has a lip balm so your lips look bigger because of its shine.


And this is the final result.ย I hope you liked this look and if you try it you can share you results with me through instagram or twitter, Iโ€™d love to see them.ย Anyway, you should always remember thatย thereย isnโ€™tย a better make up look than you own smile, so tryย toย wear it most of the time.



Which is your favourite makeup trend? What’s your favourite makeup brand?

xoxo Darly






58 thoughts on “BADDIE MAKE UP

  1. I don’t think that’s too bold. I could see wearing that to a work event or even to work depending on the job. But whatever your style, that lip color is gorgeous!

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