Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the different pieces of clothing that I’ve been buying during the Summer, I bought most of this pieces on sales. I’m sorry the quality of the pictures isn’t great but I had to take them at night.


The first thing I bought is this beautiful cream lace dress from Bershka. Since I saw it I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s very girly and it’s not to short so it’s really confortable to walk in it. I also love that it looks like a vintage dress, I don’t know why it reminds me of Titanic.


Then I bough this beautiful yellow mustard skater dress from H&M. I love the shape and it has my favourite colour.



I’ve been wanting a body for the longest time, finally I bought this nude pink one from Bershka. I really love the color and how it fits the body.


I needed a white crop jumper because I was always borrowing one from my mother. It looks great over skater dresses, high wasted jeans and goes with every color. This jumper is from Bershka.


I’m looking forward to pair this red t-shirt from Stradivarious with high wasted jeans and high wasted skirts.


As you can see I’m currently loving nude pink. I really love this shirt from Shana because it’s very confortable and it has a bit of that pijama style that’s so on trend right now.



Another trend that I’ve been loving is suede. When I saw this pair of black suede leggings from Zara I had to buy them. They are really stretchy and comfortable.


Even though this look like a skirt they are actually shorts. I really like skorts (skirt+shorts) because the look like dresses but I can ride my bike without any worries.


As you’ll see along this haul lately I’ve been loving the sport-chic style. This high wasted sport trousers are from Bershka and I’m planning to pair them with a crop top and some cute sneakers.



I really wanted some sneakers that looked quite girly and cute for the sport-chic style.Β This shoes from Bershka have a hidden heel inside and are super comfortable.


I didn’t buy this nude pink shoes from Primark on sales, but they look quite similar to the Adidas superstar ones, that I’ve been wanting for the longest time so I bought them. For being sneakers, they look quite elegant because all the parts of the shoe are in the same shade of pink.


As I’ve said on my previous posts lately I’ve been loving nude colours. Again I loved this shoes because they only have one colour, which I think they make them more elegant. This Vans looking shoes are fromΒ Shana.


What’s your favourite piece of clothing from this haul? Have you recently been shopping?

xoxo Darly






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