Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you another Summer look, but this time instead of a super girly look I’m wearing a boho-chic look.


This look is the perfect balance between a modern and a more bohemian style. The more modern part of this look’d be the purple crop top from Pull and BearΒ and the more bohemian part’d be the high wasted trousers from Bershka.Β I really like the colours of this look and how comfortable it is. Β To complete the look I Β decided to wear a pair of brown heeled sandals and a big bag from Pull and Bear in the same colour. I really love this bag because it allow me to bring anything I may need during the day andΒ all my bits and bobs.Β I don’t know if this happens to you, but since the bag is so big it takes a long time to find the different things inside.Β Finally I woreΒ this beautiful sun glasses from the brand Nia Nia.





What’s your favourite Summer look? Which piece of clothe have you been loving through this Summer?

xoxo Darly






72 thoughts on “BOHO-CHIC SUMMER

  1. Looking good. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, to answer your question, I know it’s so passe but I love short shorts. I know, I know, guys aren’t supposed to wear them but hey, where I live it gets triple digits on a daily basis and quite frankly baggy long men’s “shorts” just don’t cut it. Not to mention I’m a runner and love showing off my muscular legs. πŸ˜›

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  2. I am a simple girl, I see BOHO I press “read more”. This looks lovley on you. I adore the purple top. I think it goes very well with the brown color of your bag and shoes.

    Deni| Beauty & Plus Size Fashion

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  3. Love the trousers, so flattering. I’m in Hanoi right now and they remind me of the traditional trousers lots of Vietnamese ladies wear, the same kind of cut I think. Perfect for hot weather!

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