Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you all the beauty related products that I’ve been loving throughout the Summer. I’ve made sure none of this products were very expensive, so if you like them you can try them without damaging your wallet.

Metallic temporary tattoos


I love these because they look like jewellery and they are very flattering. I’ve been wearingΒ this to Summer parties and whenever the light hits them, they look amazing. When I wear them they remind me of my childhood temporary tattoos, although in more sophisticated version. This particular ones are from Stradivarius.

Honey and milk shower gelΒ 


I love this product because it doesn’t only leaves your skin feeling super soft, but it also has an amazing smell, when you sniff it you’re in a sweet paradise. This product is from Cien, it’s extremely affordable but also a very good product.

Nude nail polish


As I’ve said in my previous post lately I’ve been loving nude colours. I think it looks very elegant wearing nude nail polishes in your hands. I specially love this Essence nail polish because it doesn’t only paint your nails, but it also takes care of them at the same time, and it’s only made with natural products. This nail polish is in the colour 02-I care for you.

Keratin conditioner and hair mask


As you already know in Summer the hair gets damage from the sun and the salt and chlorine in the water, in order to take care of my hair I’ve been using this keratin range from Pantene. Both of this products are a bit more expensive than the usual PanteneΒ onces, but I can really tell the difference. They leave my hair super soft, healthy and smelling great.

Body shimmering powder



Again I’ve been loving to use this product when I’m going out at night. It adds a really beautiful shine to your body that looks amazing when the light hits it, as you can see in the picture. I like to apply it on my arms and legs. This powder is from an Essence limited collection, but I’m sure there are a lot of similar products.

Light feeling body lotion


The skin also gets really dry on Summer but the thing is that I hate to use a heavy moisturiser when it’s really hot outside because I feel kind of sticky. That’s why I love this Cien product, it leaves your skin really moisturised and soft but if doesn’t feel oily at all.

Bright lipstick


On my day to day life I usually wear a nude lipstick, but in Summer since I don’t have classes, I love to experiment with more crazy colours. I’ve specially been loving this bright pink lipstick from Maybelline in the colour fuchsia desire.

What’s your favourite product from this selection? Which product have you been loving through this Summer?

xoxo Darly






36 thoughts on “SUMMER FAVOURITES

  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one that loves those tattoos. How long did yours last? I ordered a tone from aliexpres(sooooo cheap), and some of them lasted really long, like couple of weeks, but some of them came off after a shower… But I love them anyway πŸ™‚

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  2. I love the sparkly tattoos. I’ve been trying to write a blog post on music festival fashion for 30 somethings, but it really just ends up with me looking at fake tattoos like these. I bet they look incredible while out!

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