Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

The seventh of July the San Fermines festivities are going to start. This festivities have became very famous all around the world, one of the reasons why, it’s because Hemingway wrote about them on several of his books, specially in the book called “Fiesta”. So last Wednesday one of my friends and I went to Pamplona, which is the city that holds this festivities, so I decided to take some pictures, to share the beauty of the city with you.

The most famous thing about the San Fermines festivities is the “Encierro” (running of the bulls) where men and women run in front of the bulls in a circuit. Since the festivities start next Thursday the circuit is already prepared with the fences, so I decided to show it to you.


The bulls come out of this fence and they start running upwards. All runners are at the red sign you can see in the picture at the end of the street. There it’s a figure of the “San Fermin” saint, to whom they sing before running. So when the runners finish their song they release the bulls and the run begins.


They run all the street up until at the end they reach the townhall. As you can see there are fences by the townhall too.


After they leave the townhall behind they turn around to meet the Estafeta street, this is one of the most dangerous parts of the circuit because they have to make a closed turn.


So they run all the Estafeta street and finally they reach the bullring, where as you can see there is a statue of Hemingway.

Next to the bullring there is a street with a lot of shops like Zara, Bershka… so if you are going to Pamplona in San Fermines you can also go shopping because the sales started the 1st of July, so the prices are going to be amazing.



If you go to the San Fermines festivities and the though of running the bulls cross your mind, don’t do it unless you have specifically trained for that. It doesn’t matter if you are a really quick runner or anything like that, the people who run in front of the bulls have trained a lot for doing that and they have previously done it. Every year some people get caught by a bull because they jump inside of the fence without realising how dangerous it actually is, even people who run every year can get caught.


Anyway San Fermin it’s a great festivity, there are people from all over the world talking and parting together, the night life is amazing, there are fireworks, concerts… I just couldn’t recommend you the experience enough. If you go to Pamplona in San Fermin make sure you bring white clothes and a redΒ handkerchief since everyone dresses like that.

Have you ever been in San Fermin? Are you planning to go?

xoxo Darly






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