Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you some beauty products that I’ve been loving throughout the Winter. Most of this products are from the drugstore so they are quite affordable. I want to share this product with you because right now in my home town is colder than the rest of the year.

The Lancome effacernes longue tenue concealer

Even though this concealer may be a bit more pricey than the beauty products I use to buy, I think is worth it. This concealer is super long lasting, I wear it in the morning and when I arrive at home at night it’s still on and it doesn’t crease at all. This concealer comes in four different shades, so you can find the one that matches your skin the best, the colour that I use is 02. My mum has been using this product for years and still she hasn’t find one that she likes better. I think the price of this concealer is around 37 €.



The KIKO unlimited stylo lipstick

I’ve been wanting to buy a permanent lipstick for a long time, so when I was in the shopping mall I decided to go to Kiko and try their permanent lipstick in my hand, Β but I didn’t buy it in that moment because I wasn’t sure if I liked the colour or not. After spending all the afternoon on the shopping mall, I realised it was still on, even though I had washed my hands, so I decided to go back and buy it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, this lipstick really lasts all day long, even if you eat you still have some colour. For being a permanent lipstick it’s actually not as dry as other ones I’ve tried. My favourite shade is 02. I think the price of this lipstick is around 7 €.


The essence mini sheer lipbalm

I like to use this product when I have dry lips because it doesn’t only moisturises them, but it also leaves them with a beautiful colour. This product comes in different shades but I decided to buy the one that had more colour, which is the 03 chubby berry. I think the price of this product is around 4€.



The Avene Cold Cream

Usually in Winter the skin tends to get quite dryΒ that’s why I’ve been loving this cream, it’s very moisturising and it doesn’t feel oily. Β I specially like to put it on my lips and my nose, my mother says it also helps to improve sore or red sensitive skin. Its price it’s around 13€.



The Deliplus intense eyeliner

Before buying this product I always used an eyeliner pen, but I was tired of having to repucharse them every two month because they got dry. So I decided to give this kind of eyeliner a go. I’m loving it because when the tip gets dry you just have to dip it again go you get a really intense black eyeliner. I think it’s a bit more difficult to use than the eyeliner pen, but with a bit of practice it’s easy to get sharp lines. I think its price it’s around 4€.



The Nivea invisibleΒ deodorant

This product is definitely not the most fancy one that I’m going to talk about in this post, but it’s really effective. I was tired of my clothes getting stains because of the deodorant, so I decided to give this one a go to use it when I wear black or white clothes. Of course you have to let it dry before wearing your clothes, but it doesn’t leave such horrible stains as other deodorants.


What products have you loving throughout the Winter? What’s your favourite make up brand?

xoxo Darly






50 thoughts on “WINTER FAVOURITES

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I use coconut oil a lot, organic virgin coconut oil. I used it daily on my hair, my face, my lips, my hands, sometimes on my legs. I have wavy/curly hair that is fine and it keeps my hair from being frizzy and it is so good for my skin.

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