Unique home decor

Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

As you may already know I love unique products, so today I want to share with you a company web page that I’ve been loving.  The company is Uncommon Goods and it honestly has the most original products I’ve ever seen. They sell accessories, home décor products, art, games… but they are not the common products you find in every store, as the company name remarks.  Most of the products are handmade which make them even more special.

A very interesting thing about this web page is that it’s a kind of art gallery. For each product they tell you the story behind the product and a bit of the life of the designer. And they also show you another products designed by the same person. Isn’t it a very interesting concept?

If you want to check out the Uncommon Goods web page you can click here.

I’ve been scrolling through their web page and I’d like to share with you the products that I’ve enjoyed the most.

One of my favorite products of Uncommon Good is their Bookends, they are very cute, funny and singular. The one I love the most is this giraffe Family Bookend, it’s so adorable and lovely. If you want to check out more of their bookends you can click here.


Another thing I love about Uncommon Goods is that you can also personalize many of their products. For example, I love this original ash tree guestbook. The idea is that the people that come to your house put their finger print on the tree and then they sign it. You can personalize the message in the paper and choose the ink pads colors that you prefer. I think it looks really cute and you’ll love to watch it from time to time to remember who has been in your house. If you want to check out more art pieces you can click here.



Another product you can personalize is these astrology pillows, in which you can pick your astrology sign. I think it’ll look very cute if a couple would put a pillow on each side of their bed with their sign. I really like its colors and the fact that it looks like watercolor paintings. If you want to check more pillows and blankets you can click here.


Finally I’d like to share with you the furniture section, in which I’ve personally liked the dumpling floor pouf. I’ve always wanted a pouf because there are the most comfortable and cosy thing in the world. If you want to check out more furniture pieces you can click here.



Even though it’s based in USA, Uncommon Goods ships their products to most countries.

Have you checked out their web page? What’s your favourite product?

xoxo Darly





76 thoughts on “Unique home decor

  1. The ash tree guestbook is such a neat idea! I will definitely try it. I made something similar for my wedding. I painted mason jars filled with peony bulbs and my guests finger printed the leaves. 😀

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  2. Very powerful! I also recently found out about Casopia , an online e-commerce selling tons of house furniture online. Going from bedroom, to living room, to kitchen, to bathroom, to dining room, etc. They have the best prices out there and this is their website for those interested http://www.casopia.com


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