Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the outfit I wore on Christmas day. It’s a kind of funny and festive outfit, that I really love. I’m also going to share with you the hairstyle that I wore. If your want to see the make up I wore with this look CLICK HERE.

I decided to wear my leggings with gingerbread men from Primark. I felt it was the perfect occasion to wear them since they are super festive (I don’t see myself wearing them in Spring). I like the fact that they are super comfortable and very thick so it kept my legs really worm.


Since I wanted it to be a festive outfit I thought I had to add some red to de outfit. I I decided to wear this red oversize jacket that my grandmother sew year ago. I believe the red from the ribbon, lips, jacket and trousers make the look come together. For my feet I decided to wear this black leather boots that are super comfortable.



Now I’m going to share with you the hair style that I wore that it’s super simple to recreate and I think it looks very cute. All you need is a hair donut, two hair bands, some bobby pins and a red ribbon.


First you just need to make a ponytail. I like to make them quite high so the the bun can be seen if someone look at me from the front.


Then all you need to put is the donut inside of the ponytail, wrap the hair around the donut and fix it with a hair band. If there are any rebellious hairs that stand out just put them in with some bobby pins.


Finally just tie the red ribbon around the band, hiding the hair band and make a cute little ribbon in the front.


I hope you all has a lovely Christmas evening and day with your family and I hope you have a happy new year πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to check my CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST, it’s a YouTube playlist that I’ve created with all my favourite Christmas songs.

What is you favourite Christmas look? Did you do anything special this Christmas?

xoxo Darly






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