DIY cute and funny notebooks

Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I’m going to share with you a really easy and inexpensive DIY that I think it’s quite fun and it can save you if a last minute person like me, I’m going to give these to my best friends. To make them I only had to purchase the cardboard.


The material we will need are:

  • A cardboard
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler
  • A pencil
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • A needle
  • Some paper sheets


First we are going to start by cutting the cardboard the paper size. I decided to make an A5 notebook, so the notebook is 15,5 cm wide and 21.7 cm high. Then I decided to put 15 A4 paper sheets folded in half, so the notebook has 30 pages, for that I decided to leave a margin of 4mm.


Then you cut the cardboard the proper size and youΒ fold it by the middle, leaving that 0.4 cm margin. In order to make it easy to fold it you can line the middle lines with a needle. This way you scratch the cardboard and it’s much easier to fold it.image

Now you have the cover of your notebook:


Now this step is optional for some of you, if you have a stapler that opens and you can staple the cardboard with the folded paper sheets then you’re done. If you some you have a stapler like mine which is impossible to staple the middle of the notebook this is whet we are going to do. First we are going to measure the length od the staples we have at home and we are going to make marks in each side of the notebook.


Then with the needle go through the cardboard and the papersheets. We could say this is a patience exercise because it the papers tend to move so it’s difficult to do it perfectly at the first time.


One you have done the holes just put the stapler inside, secure it and proceed to do the same steps on the other side


So this is the final result


Now it’s time to decorate it. If you don’t feel like making the notebooks you can always buy them and decorate them yourself but I didn’t find any plain one. I decided to go for a very minimalist decoration just a funny sentence. But you can get creative and decorate them as much as you want.

Anyway here are some funny sentences you may like

  • My secret plan to conquer the world


  • My wildest sexual achievements
  • My zombie apocalypse survival guide


  • My selfless book of me me me
  • My things I need to share with my therapist
  • My very own mini fashion bible
  • My glorious dark side
  • My things to remember I’ll probably forget

You can also write some motivational quotes like: “The FUTURE depends on what you do TODAY”



I used as inspiration the Alfamarama notebooks.

What sentence would you write? Do you have any other DIY idea?

xoxo Darly







87 thoughts on “DIY cute and funny notebooks

    • Thank you :):) Β I guess my advice it’s just to be constant, for example I try to write at least one a week, although some times I don’t have enought time. Also always write about subjects that you feel confident talking about and intereact with another blogs and bloggers. I hope this helps you a bit

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  1. My titles would include
    What do when the battery remote dies?
    Relax, there’s always next year.
    If I am what I eat, why don’t I look like a pizza?
    Yeah. Maybe I am.
    I choose not to answer that question.

    Thanks for a great idea.

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  3. My mom taught me how to do something like this when I was a kid.,. I think it’s a great way to recycle old scrapbook paper/wrapping paper. I love to write, make things, and reuse things, so it’s a win-win for me!

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  4. What a wonderful gift for your friends! I’ve made these some years ago. Instead of the staples, I used a needle and sewed them together with thread. Also, I found a tool called “bone folder” to score the cardboard for easy folding. Thank you for your post!

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  5. Unfortunately it looks like creativity is not your strong point. All these sentences are copied from my Etsy shop,

    I find it hilarious how people are so desperate to come across as creative only to just bluntly copy other people’s work hinting they are original ideas.

    I suggest you remove this post as these are not your original ideas or at least mention where you copied them from!

    Shockingly sad, shame on you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t said those sentences were my idea, my intention wasn’t to steal anyone’s ideas, I just wanted to share some sentences that I read and liked. Anyway I added a comment making it clear on the post.


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