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As most of you already know from November 30 to December 11 the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) is being held in Paris, were our politicians will meet in order to hopefully reach an agreement. I think this conference is really important since in less 150 years the temperature of our planet (which has 4.54 billion years) has rise 0.85ºC. If the temperature keeps raising the consequences will be terrible, as you can see in this video:

So today I’m going to share with 10 habits I like to add in my life in order to be a little bit more eco-friendly. I really think that small changes in peoples life can change the world. This habits also help me to save a lot of money.


1.- This one is obvious and I’m sure most of you already do it but it’s really important to recycle.

2.- I usually go with my bike almost everywhere. I actually prefer using the bike because I can leave it almost everywhere, but with the car if I go to the city centre I spend a lot of time trying to find a parking place. If it’s raining or I’m going somewhere to far away, I try to use the public transportation.

3.- I use LED lights, which consume much less energy and give the same amount of light, this way I’m also saving money.


4.- I always unplug the electronic devices when I’m not using them. Some devices (like the TV) keep spending a lot of energy.

5.- I search for aerosols which says they are respectful with the ozone layer. I look for aerosols with the symbol in the picture.


6.- In the Winter I try to put the central heating as low as possible. I wear pyjamas that are very thick, as well as worm robes. This pyjama I’m wearing in the picture is from a local store and it’s made out of this kind of super soft cosy material, I believe it was only 15€.


To keep my feet super worm during the winter I like to use this kind of cosy soft socks. This ones are from Primark and I bought a set of three for 3€.


I also like to put a blanket in the sofa so when I lay down I feel super worm, cosy and comfortable. I don’t know what’s my thing with blankets, but in Summer I really miss laying down in the sofa covered with a blanket. This blanket from the picture it’s from Primark and it was 10€.


7.- I try to save water by doing small things such as closing the tab while I’m washing my teeth or while I’m putting soap on the dishes. Also I try not to have baths very often (this is probably the hardest), I only do it in special days when I’m really stressed out (like after exams time). I only have a bath once every two or three months (meanwhile I take a lot of showers).


8.- I like to buy second hand clothes this way I don’t only help the environment but I also save a lot of money. For example I bought this Zara Woman coat in a second hand store for only 10€ when it’s actual price it’s around 70€.


9.- I try to use rechargeable batteries. I know now in Christmas lots of us use battery operated lights, so you can buy a set of rechargeable batteries, this way you’ll also save a lot of money.


10.- I try to use a stronger, reusable bag when I go shopping rather than a plastic bag.

Do you have any different habit that’s eco-friendly? What are your hopes on the COP 21?

xoxo Darly







  1. Technically the bulb shown in 3. is a Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) not an LED. Never an LED.

    While more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they are much less efficient than LEDs. Not to mention that CFLs contain mercury. CFLs are at best transitional from incandescent to LED.

    THBS – LEDs rule!


      • LED lights are my passion. The last longer and use so much less power (hence the are cool to the touch). They are more expensive, but their benefits offset the added cost.

        One consideration, some LED replacement bulbs can not be used in an enclosed fixture. This is due to the circuitry that converts AC power supplied by the power company to the DC power required by the LED. This circuitry dissipates heat. Just be sure to read the info on the packaging.


    • Thank you Ana 🙂 I know switching off the central heating it’s just impossible in some places, I just wrote it because some people have the central heating on very high and then they walk around the house with Summer clothes

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  2. Hi there 🙂 I really enjoyed your post – this is a topic that I have started to also be involved in. Sign of maturity I guess! 🙂 As for my little contribution to mother nature, I refuse to use platic bags if I can carry the stuffs I bought with my two hands. The supermarkets/grovery shops here in Dubai don’t generally have paper bags – it’s nearly impossible to reuse small plastic bags so I started refusing them.

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  3. Wow! A lot of these things I have forgotten about since being on my own (the LED lights and the rechargeable batteries). I’m good with short showers since I suffer from phantom calls from having a newborn and the teeth brushing method. I think the hardest thing for me would be to reduce the thermostat for I am always cold & don’t like wearing clothes in the house lol well anything to protect our planet! It’s worth a try, great post!

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  4. Great post with great info! Might I add one more: “If we really want to reduce the human impact on the environment, the simplest and cheapest thing anyone can do is to eat less meat.” From the here:
    Eating less meat is not just great for the environment, but better for your body and cheaper! Chickpeas cost a lot less than a steak. Go vegan everyone! Yay!! Ok I’m done lol

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