Autumn favorites

Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you the beauty products that I’ve been loving this Autumn.Β  Most of them are drug store products so they are super affordable, just in case you want to buy any of them. I’d love if you could share with me some of you favourite products in the comments, so I can give them a go.

Essence nail polish in the colour “Do you speak love? “


I really like burgundy so Autumn is the perfect excuse to wear it all the time, even in my nails. I love this nails polish because it dries quickly plus it has a wide flat brush, so you paint your nails quicker. I think the price of this nail polish it’s around 2€.

Sephora Rouge Shine lip stick in the number 44.

Again another burgundy product,Β  but this lipstick has a bit more of a plummy undertone. I’ve been using this lipstick on an everyday basis, because it’s super moisturising. I know it looks super dark but after an hour it looks much more natural.Β  I believe this lipstick is the one that suits me better.

Urban Decay eyeshadow in the colour chopper

I really like the coppery gold colour of this eyeshadow and the beautiful glitter it has.Β  Even though dark colour eyeshadows don’t tend to suit me, I really like this colour because of it’s shine.Β  I also think this colour it’s quite autumnal.

Aussie frizz miracle had conditioner.

I just can’t tell you how much I’ve been loving this product. After the Summer my hair wasn’t feeling as smooth as usual so I decided to give this hair conditioner a go and my hair has improved a lot. I really like how soft my hair feels after I use this product, plus it smells beyond amazing.

Garnier pure active gel

I’ve been using this gel in the morning to wash my face and remove all the extra oil from my skin. This product is made for oily or mixed skin like mine. It also has a fresh citric smell that really helps me to wake up in the morning.

Essence Hello Autumn eyebrow set.


Even though this is an eyebrow set I’ve been loving to use it as an eyeshadow (I’m such a rebel). I really like it because the eyeshadows don’t have any shine at all, so they are perfect for a natural make up look. I like to wear that on the eye crease because they blend very nicely.

Cien hand cream


My hands tend to get really dry on the winter so I always carry with me a hand cream. I’m currently loving this hand cream because it’s very moisturising and it smells like cherries. I also like it’s small packing which makes it’s perfect to carry around in your bag or backpack.

Primark ginger spice candle.


I know this product is not beauty related but I just had to add it. I bought this candle at the beginning of the autumn and I’m still loving it. It literally smells like ginger spiced biscuits and the scent it’s quite strong (which I personally like). I think this candle was only 3€, I think it’s very cheap considering it’s size.

What are your current favourite beauty products?

xoxo Darly





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