Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚

Today I wanted to share with you a look that I’ve been loving lately. I wear this look when I want to dress up a bit more like a night out with my friends or something similar. I usually wear this outfit with the autumn make up I explained in my post.


The main piece of this look is this beautiful black jumpsuit. I bought it on sales in Zara for just 10€. I’ve never had a jumpsuit before but I’ve fallen in love with them because I’ve realised they are very flattering for the pear shaped body. I love this one in particular because it has a low back and in the middle it has an horizontal strap which is perfect for hiding the bra strap. I decided to wear my high heels which are very comfortable for being high heels as I explained in this post.




I decided to pair it with a turban headband from Stradivarious. Turban headbandsΒ are so on fashion right now, I really love the kind of bohemian but elegant touch that add to everyΒ look. I like the colours of this headband, I think they are very suitable for an autumnal look.


Finally I decided to wear my rounded black clutch and my rose gold clock and ring which I think it adds a bit more of sophistication to the look. I really love rose gold jewellery I think it’s a very flattering and girly colour.



Are you loving any special outfit to go out these days? Do you like turban headbands? Do you like rose gold jewellery?

xoxo Darly





82 thoughts on “JUMPSUIT LOVE

  1. LOVE the whole outfit! I have a black jumpsuit and you’ve just given me such an itch to wear it! I need one of those headbands, do you know if that store has a website?

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