Hello my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I want to share with you a make up look that I love to wear in Autumn. In my region at the beginning of autumn we celebrate the harvest time. Everybodyย looks forward to this local festivity, everyday we have fireworks from all over the world and we go out at night. The most typical things are stepping on the grapes with you bare feet (and properly washed) in order to make grape juice, and to wear aย burgundy scarf recalling the colour of the grape.ย That’s why I feel the main colour of this look shouldย be burgundy, plus it’s one of my favourite colours.

imageFirst step: Skin

Let’s start, this is me with a bare face just wearing theย Nivea moisturising for mixed skin and lip balm.



First I applied the Bourjois brush foundationย in the colour Abricotรฉ all over the face. This is a foundation that comes inside a foundation brush. Usually this foundation is too dark for my skin but luckily my skin is still bronzed from the Summer. Since I still had some imperfections that havenโ€™t been coveredย I used a bit of my Deliplusย concealer. I also used my Deliplus highlighter to highlight some areas like my under eyes, the cupids bow and the centre of my nose.


Then with the powder brush from the picture and the Lina Bocardi sun powderย I contoured my face applying it on my jaw line, right under my cheeks, on my the top of my front and temples. With the same brush I applied that brown-pink blusher on my apple cheeks.



Secondย step: Eyeshadows


For my eyes I used the Models Prefer Day to Night eye palette, which is a dupe of the naked palette. I started by applying the colour Overachiver on the crease of my eye creating a V shape. Then I used Overtime all over my eyelid. Finally to highlight the inner corner of my eye and the brow bone I used the colour Voicemail. It’s a pity that my camera does’t pick the burgundy colour very well.



Third step: Eyeliner and Rimmel


For my eyeliner I used the Essence waterproof eyeliner pen. This is the way I create the cat eye effect: First I draw a very thin line on my top lashes , I do a flick the side of my eye, pointing towards the end of my eyebrow, and I join it with the previous line.

Finally I appled two coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I used the Essence waterproof get big lashes mascara,ย I really like the thick brush of this mascara.


In this picture taken with my mobile phone, you can appreciate a bit better the burgundy colour of the eyeshadow.


Last step: Burgundy lips


For my lips I decided to wear this beautiful burgundy lipstick which is is from Kiko and it’s in the number 914. Since it’s quite a dark colour I decided to apply it with the small brush you see in the picture.


I hope you liked this look and if you try it at home you can share you results with me through instagram or twitter, Iโ€™d love to see them. Anyway you should always remember thatย there isnโ€™t a better make up look than you own smile, so try to wear it most of the time.

What is you favourite Autumnย make up look? Do you have any make up trick?

xoxo Darly

66 thoughts on “AUTUMN MAKE UP

  1. That is a very nice make up, moreover you look lovely without make up as well!
    As for me, my favourite “make up look” during autumn should always include a dark lipstick, like a burgundy or a very deep berry colour. It is a must for me! x

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    • Thank you Anne ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ I think red or coral lips look very good in pale skins. In particular I’m thinking of Taylor Swift in her last viedeo wildest dreams. She is wearing red lips and they look amazing with her pale skin.

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