Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you what’s inside my school bag and how I organise my school notes. Tomorrow I start university again, I’m in my fourth year of my double degree in maths and computer science, hopefully I’ll end up this school year graduating as a mathematician.

I really love the bag I’m currently using because it look more put together that average fabric school bags. I bought this bag in Bershka. I know a lot of girls carry a bag around university, but for me it’s impossible because I carry a lot of weight and the good thing for my back is to dvide the weight between the two shoulders.


First I’m going to share with you what I carry in my small pocket. I always carry a bottle of water because it’s really easy to feel thirsty during classes, right now I’m loving this Frozen bottle of water. I also take with my a cereal bar and a pack of chewing gum since it’s very easy to feel hungry during classes. My hair usually bothers me a lot, that’s why I always carry a hair band to take it away from my face, and a comb just in case I didn’t have enough time at home to comb my hair at home. I also carry a hand cream since my hand tend to get really dry during the winter, I’m loving this Cien hand cream that smells like Cherries. Finally I bring with me my headphones because sometimes I listen to music in the library while I’m studying.


On the other part of my school bag I carry my prescription glasses,Β my pencil case and my school folder. I also carry my calculator, which is an essential to me since I’m studying maths. I also take with meΒ my wallet just in case I want to buy something in the cafeteria or to make some photocopies.


I inherited this pencil case from my mother, I think she bought it in Turkey, anyway I really like it because it goes very well with the school bag. I carry the essential things I need to write. I also carry my USB although I’d recommend you to also save your documents in other places as Dropbox or Google Drive just in case you loose it. I also carry my earplugs because when I’m studying I like to isolate from the outside noise in order to focus better in what I’m reading. I also carry my Maybelline Baby Lips since my lips tend to get very dry on winter.


My pink folder it’s very useful for organising yourself, it has 13 sections, on the first one I carry all the white sheets of paper. Since I have 6 subject I use two sections to each subject and I put small titles to each section. To keep my sheets in order I use this kind of paper clips, which I found more useful than the average ones.


Are you exited to go back to school/university? Do you have any trick to organise yourself?

Β xoxo Darly






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