Summer favourites

Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

I’m sorryΒ I didn’t posted anything last week, but that’s because I’ve recently been in another trip in Galicia – Spain. Today I wanted to share with you the products that I’ve been trying and loving this Summer. It’sΒ going to be fashion, beauty and exercising related.

The batiste dry shampoo for medium and brunette


I’ve recently became a fan of dry shampoos not only to refresh my hair but also to add more volume to my hair styles. But since I’m a brunette I always had to make sure to remove all the white marks in my hair. So the other day I was in my favourite drugstore and I realised that they had brought Batiste dry shampoos I’ve read so many reviews about them that I didn’t even hesitate for a second to buy the brunette one. Well I’ve just fell in love with it because it doesn’t leave any visible residual in my hair plus it has such a nice fragrance.



During the school year I have no time to exercise at all (I know, it’s really bad) so since it’s Summer I’ve started doing some sport. I stated running, but honestly I just got so tired and even though I listened to music I just found it very boring. So I decided to try out with Zumba and I been loving it,Β Β Β Β Β because I’m exercising myself without realising. Plus I have lots of fun because dancing it’s one of my favourite things in the world.

The beautyΒ elementsΒ onyx hand cream


Since my hands tend to get dry very easily I have been looking for a hand cream for a long time, right now I’m loving this one because it’s really moisturising, it’s absorbed by the skin very easily and it smells amazing.

The rose & cherry essential oil


I’ve been using this essential oil all Summer, I really love the way it smells, it sweet but not too overwhelming. Since it’s an essential oil it lasts longer than a perfume. I really love the packaging because it’s really comfortable for travelling.

Pore strips


I usually have blackheads on my nose and this pore stripes have been helping me a lot to fight against them. It has natural hardwood charcoal which helps a lot to removing blackheads and make less visible Β pored around the nose.

The CienΒ purifyingΒ mask


It may sound unbelievable but I hadn’t tried a face mask until this year. I decided to try this one because it was a pack of two for just one euro. I’m must say I’m really impressed with it because it really left my skin looking much better, all the imperfections had improve a lot and it removed all the unwanted shine of my skin.

Do you have any Summer favourites?

Since I’m always interested in your opinion I wanted to ask you which is your favourite current eyeliner beacuse I’ve

xoxo Darly






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