Portugal – Sintra

Hello my lovely readers

Today I’m also going to talk about my trip to Portugal. This time I’m going to talk about Sintra. Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments, which has resulted in its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Honestly from all my trip to Portugal this is my favourite place it’s so magical and bucolic. It’s a long way up from the town to the palaces (like 50 min walking) but the way is extremely beautiful, you have amazing views of the nearby’s and path is surrounded by green nature giving it a magical touch.





From all the beautiful castles and palaces of Sintra, we only got inside the Pena National Palace, The castle of the Moors and Quinta da Regaleira.

Pena National Palace is a Romanticist palace built on the XIX century. I really liked it because it is a very colourful palace with a lot of exotic and nature elements, it’s a very unique kind of architecture. It’s on the top of a hill above Sintra so you’re able to see all the landscape from there. Anyway is so high that there where moments that clouds went trought it.


IMGP0323 - copia



IMGP0312 - copia

Out of the three palaces I went inside, Quinta da Regaleira is the one I liked the most. To begging with the palace it’s an amazing work of art, its structure is manly Gothic but it has a lot of Manueline elements that gives it a very exotic and mystic look. I don’t know how to express it so I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves





The palace is inside a beautiful park with exotic nature, it’s got many decorative, symbolic, and lively structures.


Walking trought the park we reached the initiation well, but this well wasn’t used as a water sourcer, instead inside if it has stairs that finish in an extensive and enigmatic system of tunnels, which have multiple entry points. The well was used on masonic initiation rituals. The symbology is that you come from the earth but you’ll end up in the earth. One of the tunnels ends on the unfinished well that also has stairs to go up. Another of the entry points ends on a really beautiful waterfall. Honestly the tunnels are such a magical, mystical and enigmatic place that you feel you’re in a movie when you’re inside.







The castle of Moors is a hilltop medieval castle. The castle was constructed during the 8th and 9th centuries, during the Muslim period. The view from this castle is outrageous, and even though it’s not as attractive as the other two castles, it’s amazing how well conserved it is, after all it has 11 centuries on it’s walls.



11754756_1604598699813202_1864766187429576045_o - copia




Have you ever been to Sintra? Are you planning to go anywhere this Summer?

xoxo Darly





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  1. I am still in love with this post of yours , six months after , and I’m wondering if you would mind that I reblog/link to it in one of my posts .
    My blog is still a very small one , only 200 followers or so , so not much new readers for you , I’m afraid .
    Let me know when you can , and you know it is totally ok if you would prefer me not to.
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  3. (I mistakenly placed this comment on the wrong post–this is the one to which I was referring.)

    What magnificent views!

    I especially love the castle–and the view from above the castle!

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