Portugal – Oporto

Hello my lovely readers,

As you may all know from my last post I’ve recently been to Portugal, so today I decided to share with you some pictures of the places I liked the most.

The first city I’m going to talk about it’s Oporto. Even though Oporto is the second biggest town in Portugal when you are walking around it’s streets you don’t have the feeling that your are in a big city at all. The housesΒ are very beautiful, each one has a different motive but the result are harmonic and colourful streets. Is this kind of city that doesn’t have really big monuments but if you get lost in it’s streets you find its charm. Plus it’s really easy to orient in Oporto, after one day there we barely used the map.

The first thing we did when we arrived, was to climb the more than 200 steps of the “Torre dos ClΓ©rigos” where we saw the most amazing views of the city. It was






Then we went to the “Lello e Irmao” book shop. If you are a Harry Potter freak as I am, you’ll find it familiar because it appears on the chamber of the secrets film (although they didn’t record inside the book shop, they just used a similar setting). Anyway it’s a really beautiful book shop and it certainly has a magical charm. I didn’t took the pictures below since when I went inside it was full of people so you can’t properly see it’s charm.




Then we just walked around the city and that’s when I felt in love with this city. We ended the evening having a picnic next to the river Douro watching the sunset.





As you can see this first day I decided to wear high wasted joggers, which are my favourite new piece of clothing, and a coral crop top.

The second day we decided to take a free tour, it’s usually young people that show you around. And at the end of the tour you can pay him as much as you want. The guide showed us the most important things like the cathedral, “Palacio da bolsa”, the cafe Majestic…

The Sao Bento train station is very beautiful, inside of it you can see more than 20000 tiles showing scenes of the history of Portugal.



The guide also took us to the Luis I bridge with two levels the lower one for cars and people and the upper one for the railway and people. From there you get amazing views from the river and the city of Oporto.






Finally as I love eating I have to tell you about the most typical food in Oporto, which is the “francesinha”. It’s basically a sandwich of sausages, bacon, hamburger and ham, with cheese on the top and inside a slightly spicy red sauce. It may sound like too much but it honestly tastes delicious.



Have you travel somewhere this Summer? Have you ever been to Portugal?

xoxo Darly






36 thoughts on “Portugal – Oporto

  1. I also fell in love with Oporto when I visited Portugal! Just like you said, I was amazed at all the color in the city, beautiful scenery indeed! You captured it all so well in your photos πŸ™‚

    Also, I’m quite upset I didn’t know about the β€œLello e Irmao” book shop! Being a massive Harry Potter fan and book lover, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to leave! I can definitely see the resemblance to the HP movies though, looks like such a charming place!

    Loved your post! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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