Cheap way of traveling

Hello my lovely readers πŸ™‚ How’s everything going?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time but that’s because I was in a Summer vacation with my friends in Portugal. We have spend there 10 days and I have really enjoyed it. When my friends and I travel we usually do it the cheapest way we go to hostels,we fly with low cost companies…

So in order to save some money we don’t check in any luggage and we just travel with the hand luggage. The usualΒ maximum dimensions allowed for a bag are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and it shouldn’t weight more than 10 kg (you should check this out because it changes from one company to the other). But you’re also allowed to bring aΒ small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms. So brought a suitcase with similar dimensions as the ones allowed and a school backpack.


In my backpack I brought the essential handy things that I might need during the flight. Such as a jumper (because it’s usually cool inside a plane), my glasses, a lip balm and my wallet. I also bring an empty bottle of water (yeap, this bottle is of Frozen) just in case I’m feeling thirsty so I can fill it in the the bathroom and my travel sickness pills. I know it’s not allowed to bring food into the plane but sometimes they let you bring it if it’s a small packed food such as mentos or a cereal bar. Of course I also put in my backpack some earphones and my mobile phone, which you should always remember to put on plane mode.


When I travel I always need to wear super comfortable clothes. So this time I decided to wear some baggy trousers whit a red t-shirt and super comfortable slipper looking shoes.



Inside my suitcase I bring all the other things that I need. We went for 10 days to Portugal and I didn’t even wear all the clothes I brought, it’s unbelievable how much it can fit inside such a small suitcase. Since you can bring only 10 kg I would recommend you not to buy a heavy suitcase. Since it’s such a small suitcase I always use a lot of different bags to keep the order.


When the check in time comes you should put outside a transparent bag of 20 x 20 cm with all the liquids you have, they only allow you to bring bottles of 100 ml. So I always carry small samples bottles for my short trips. But, for example, I couldn’t bring enough sun screen so my friends and I bought a bottle in Portugal for the four of us. Also to remove your makeup I found more useful to bring cleansing wipes.


Another thing that really helps me to save some space is taking with me microfibre towels, plus they are great because that get dry very easily. Since we were going to the beach I had to bring two towels with me. One of them has a bag so it takes almost no space in my suitcase.


What are your tricks to travel cheap? Are planning to go anywhere in Summer?

xoxo Darly






35 thoughts on “Cheap way of traveling

  1. Saving (& trying to get extras) of the hotel toiletry bottles etc. I’m not keen to the whole hostel thing but then 1. I saw the movies & 2. I’m an only child. (3. I’m very protective of my belongings even if it only cost me a $1) I rather skimp everywhere else & take whatever flight/company and hotel I feel safest with


  2. This helped me out a lot because I will travel soon again!! Thank you. I have one question because I’m 100% new to WordPress ( 2 days) and I wanted to ask you how you built up such a big community all by yourself?

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    • Welcome to the blogging world!!!! I guess my advice it’s just to be constant, for example I try to write at least one a week, although some times I don’t have enough time . Also always write about subjects that you feel confident talking about and interact with another blogs and bloggers. I hope this helps you a bit

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  3. Really great post! I will use this on my next trip, which is in a couple days. I hope to take some photos and do a post about the city like you did. You are really one of the best bloggers I have come across ❀

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  4. I agree with chicksweet. You’re really well-rounded and so capable in everything you do. I can’t see most pix, just the initial home decpr ones, and they’re so well-styled. Everything is really wonderful. Thank you, Darly.

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