Relaxing/Pampering session + DIY body srub

Hellooooo my lovely readers. I’m back!!! πŸ™‚

I’ve been looking forward to write a post for such a long time, I was really missing it. I had my last final exam yesterday I’m so happy to be done with exams, this semester has been the hardest of my college degree so far. So this morning I decided I just wanted to chill out and pamper myself at the same time.


I started by exfoliating my body with a homemade body scrub made at home, it’s really easy to do and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. All you need in order to prepare this body scrub is sea salt and olive oil. So you put the salt into a jar and then you add some olive oil, I added a third part of the salt but you can add as much oil as you want, it depends on the consistency you prefer.

Afterwards I decided to run myself a relaxing bubble bath. I don’t run bubble baths very often because they are a waste of water but yesterday was a special occasion. I added the monoi body wash from Sephora into the water on order to create bubbles. I love the way this gel smells, it’s also quite moisturising. I also used it to wash my body with my exfoliating gloves from Primark.



For my hair I used the keratin repair hair mask from Pantene. This product it’s a bit more expensive that the other products from this brand, but I can really see the difference, it leaves my hair shiny and soft.

When I got out from the bath I added to my hair the Sebastian Potion 9, which is a hair conditioner with out rinse, it takes away all the frizzy hairs.


Since it’s Spring I decided I wanted to get a bit of a tan so I used a self tanning milk from Deliplus. When you are using an auto bronzing product you should always make sure to exfoliate your body before. You should also clean with soap all the body areas where the product may have got that you don’t want them to be bronzed pg your hands.

In order create a more relaxing surrounding I light up some candles and I used a softer light. These two candles smell amazing together, one smells like almond praline and the other one like cookies. And finally I decided to play the “Amelie” soundtrack in Spotify.



How has gone your exams? I hope they went extremely well πŸ™‚

How do you like to relax after exams or after a long period of stress?

xoxo Darly





43 thoughts on “Relaxing/Pampering session + DIY body srub

  1. I like to make myself presents and read in cafes. When I’m sad or stressed or even I have good mood reading a nice book in cafe is my favorite thing:)
    I’m not big fan of bath actually. I like long showers)

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  2. Thanks for the tip on the DIY body scrub! I’ve used over-ripe avocados and berries to moisturize and exfoliate in the past. Your recipe is a great alternative for a deeper scrub and is super affordable. I’ll definitely be trying it out very soon!

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  3. I love DIY products. I make a body scrub out of coconut oil, coffee and brown sugar. For my face and lips, a splash of olive oil and brown sugar for a lighter scrub

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  4. I love your post! It is so important to relax from time to time and especially during school-stress. But for me I usually only take pampering days in the fall and winter time… Mostly when IΒ΄m sick… In the summer when I have stress I workout out, that works the best for me.
    I definitively need a pampering-day some time soon! IΒ΄m thinking about tomorrow…;-) Maybe…
    I usually make all my scrubs and masks myself, just my creams and shampoo are store-bought!
    Have a great evening and school start! (a little belated…)X

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