Comfortable heels

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I wanted to write a short blog post sharing with you how do I choose comfortable heels and how do I make them even more comfortable. I will post some images of my heels to illustrate my advices.

First of all I would like to share with you that I’m the kind of person that really values being comfortable, so I only wear heels when I want to dress up a little more or on special occasions.

So my first tip for you is not buying very high heels. I know now there are some really high heels that have a Β platform which make them more comfortable, but anyways it’s much more difficult to walk on those kind of heels. All of my heels are around 7 cm, which for my point of view it’s enough height.


Even though it’s difficult to find platform in heels that are shorter than 10 cm, I would recommend you search for heels that have a small one, 1 cm is enough. This really makes a difference between comfortable and not comfortable shoes. As you can see in the pictures all of my heels have one.


It’s also really important that the heel isn’t very thin so it’s much easier to walk with them. I also prefer the way this kind of heels look rather than the very thin ones. I suggest you don’t buy them very pointed because it’s going to hurt plus it’s going to destroy the natural shape of your toes.

My last advice it would be to have some kind of strap in the front part so it’s much easier to walk with them and you avoid the risk of twisting your ankle.


Now, I’ve tried lot’s of different shoes insoles but this ones are the ones that work best for me. They are from Primark and they are only 3€. They have two small cushions one under the heel and another one before the toes, which gives me the extra comfort I need. They have a sticker on the back so they wont move at all.



Is there any tip you use to make your heels more comfortable? Which kind of heels do you prefer to wear?

xoxo Darly






37 thoughts on “Comfortable heels

  1. Good shoe inserts is a huge plus for me as well as seeing a fantastic chiropractor to do total body adjustments including the feet. Who would have thought the bones of the feet could get so out of place?! I am loving wearing my wedge booties! Great post!

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  2. I don’t wear heels very often (in love with my flats hahaha)
    I agree about making sure the heel isn’t too thin though when I do!
    Oh and thanks so much for checking out my new blog πŸ™‚

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  3. Wide heel is more comfortable, I totally agree with you.
    Strap is not always comfortable for me in closed shoes. Sometimes it rubs foot or just visually make legs shorter. I think it’s useful when shoes stretch and your feet can easily can go out during walking. I like high heels but for some time I decided to go for healthier heels, which are 2-4 cm (more like 4-5), but I still own few higher but comrotable and yeah.. like two high and uncomfortable but I don’t wear them regularly.:) All my tips are right size, 2-6 cm heel or a little higher but which is still comfortable to walk in and not very narrow part in front (because shoe presses fingers too much). For summer shoes – better one wide strap in front than 5. Also too thin strap is uncomfortable even if it looks gorgeous:)
    When it’s hot all this 100+ of straps start to hurt foot usually and noone likes that.

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  4. <- boots or platform kind of girl XD i do have some BIG heels / jeffrey campbell lita nights that actually are comfortable but i barely wear them anymore – no idea why, probably not even able to walk in them anymore either :-/

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  5. I’ve always loved heels over flats. But it is a bit much to wear them all day. So usually I can only handle wearing it in the office or wherever that involves little standing/walking. Kitten heels are also more bearable. The problem area is usually on the little toe and the back of the heel. My solution is to use a plaster over the problem areas to avoid having the shoe material rub against my skin. This is especially so with new shoes.

    On occasions where I want to look taller and still be able to pull through a whole day of walking, wedges is definitely the way to go. I love the ones from Hush Puppies and Clarks. They’re comfy yet stylish.

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  6. Hi Darly! I’m a shoe addict…😁 I’m also short- so heels are a staple for me. My years and many high-heel catastrophes later, I’ve learned to keep anti-slip pads on the bottom of the heels (ball of the foot region) because if you step onto a slick surface, it is impossible to walk with grace (or even at all.)
    I also found soft leather and other softer materials to be my best bet with comfort (Nine West makes a lot of their heels out of this leather.) It conforms to the shape of your foot better and alleviates a lot of the slip and blistering caused by more rigid materials. Hopefully this helps!
    Thank you for your insight!

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  7. I have weak ankles and bunioned feet so heels are almost out for me. I pretty much can only wear platforms that support my whole foot. It’s great to see a blogger who doesn’t wear ankle breaking unrealistic heels

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