Clothing haul part II

Hello my beloved readers :).

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve been extremely busy with my partial exams.

Today I bring you the second part of my clothing haul, I hope you like it and you find some inspiration on it. The quality if the pictures isn’t very good because I had to take them at night.


Both of this items are from Primark they are for winter but I wanted to share them with you anyway because I’ve been loving them.

The first piece of clothe is this pink robe. It has this kind of hairy cosy material that is also very warm. It just feel great to wear such a soft robe around the house. If you’ve ever been to Primark you’ve probably seen it, I believe it’s price is around 10 €.


This other piece of clothing is a pair of dark blue leggings with gingerbread cookies with a hat on them, What can be more adorable than that?. They are very warm and I love to wear them with a big white or red t-shirt over it. I believe it’s price on sales was just 5 €.




I bought this black bomber jacket in Stradivarious, it’s price on sales was just 10 € I really wanted one so I was amazed when I found it so cheap. I like the edgy touch that it gives to the different outfits. Anyway since it’s a quite masculine item I like to mix it with more girly clothes or colours.




Fist of all I’d like to talk about this watch that my mum gave me for my birthday. First of all I love that it’s rose gold, then I also like the colour of the wrist band and the fact that it has small pink sparkles. It just adds a touch of elegance to any look.



Lately I’ve been loving hair complements, I believe with them none hairstyle looks plain. I bought this ribbons in Primark and as you can see the pack of three was just 1.50 €. I love to wear them when I wear a ponytale or any hair updo. It adds a really girly touch.



This is another hair complement but I also wear it as a necklace. Again it’s rose pink and I just wear it on the hair when I go out parting or when I want to look a bit more dressed up. I believe it was 8 € and it’s from Bershka.



This season I’ve gone a bit crazy with shoes but I “needed” them ;).

This first pair of shoes are a pair of light pink leather flats from Zara and I believe it’s price on sales was 15 €. They are very comfortable and the look great with any spring look and since the colour it’s similar to the colour of my skin it creates a visual effect making my leg look longer.




I also bought this pair of black leather wedges. This are from a local store and their price was 30€. They are also very comfortable and they look amazing with almost everything since they work great for both an everyday look and a more dressed up look.


I also bought this pair of black leather boots. This are also from a local store and their price was only 15€ on sales. They are super comfortable and warm for winter and they match perfectly with my black leggings.



What piece of clothing do you like the most? What is the favourite recent purchase?

xoxo Darly






30 thoughts on “Clothing haul part II

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  2. a lot of people seem to be purchasing bombers again this season – love the look of these but i know i would always prefer my leather jacket so i hope i can resist and instead look at pics on all the blogs 😀 and great additions in total!

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