Clothing Haul Part I

Hello my lovely readers 🙂

I’ve wanting to do a haul for quite a while, but I never I’ve been postponing it so today the day has finally arrived. I’m going to saw you some of the things I’ve been buying trough 2015, since it’s already April I have to warn you it’s a really huge haul.

I love reading about other peoples haul, I don’t know if it’s whereat to find inspiration or because I’m a bit nosey. The clothes and complements are from high street shops.

-Jumpers and t-shirts:

Since in January it was quite cold, I decided to buy two jumpers on sales. Both of them are from Bershka.


When I saw this jumper in the shop I immediately fall in love with it. It’s made out of this new material which is this kind of fluffy, cosy hair. It’s just so soft and warm. I love the fact that it has little jewelery details. It’s a bit oversized so it looks great with leggings. I believe the price (on sales) was 10 €.


Because of the flash you can’t properly see the colour of the jumper but it’s a beautiful mixture between cherry red and fuchsia, all the times I’ve wear it someone as told me it’s a beautiful colour. I believe the price (on sales) was 6 €.

I purchased some Summed clothes like this three t-shirts:

The fist t-shirt it’s from Stradivarius and I believe the price (on sales) was 8 €. It’s a white bone t-shirt with a turtle neck. I adore this t-shirt because it looks so simple but it’s very elegant.


I bought this crop top in Breshka and I believe the price (on sales) was 5 €. I love the skull print and the message “born brave” of the crop top. I live how the polka dots in heart shape and the lace at the bottom of the t-shirt gives it a girly touch.


I bought this crop top in Breshka and I believe the price (on sales) was 5 €. I think this coral neon colour will look very nice in Summer. I also like the white collar.


-Trousers and dress:

I also bought two trousers one more for Winter and another more for Summer. Both of this trousers are from the brand Esmara.

I’ve been wanted a trousers of this kind for quite a long time but I never fund ones that fitted me but finally this February I find one. They are the kind of trousers that look like leather, I believe it adds a lot of attitude to a look.


I also bought this burgundy velveteen trousers for winter. They are very warm and I really love the colour.



I also bought this dress from Pull and Bear, the price on sales was only 6 €, I love the shape and colour of the dress. I think it would look very nice in Summer but since the material it’s quite thick it will also look very nice in Spring or Autumn with brown tights.


What piece of clothing do you like the most? What is the favourite recent purchase?

xoxo Darly





42 thoughts on “Clothing Haul Part I

  1. I love the last dress, it’s so pretty, but the leather look trousers are so cool too! Great bargains hope you enjoy wearing them x

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  2. What a great idea to take inventory of your garments. My most recent purchase was a pair of cropped navy colored cotton pants for spring. They would look great with your cute coral top.

    Liked by 2 people

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