Little Black Dress

Last Thursday my classmates and I celebrated the “paso de ecuador” which is a night where you celebrate you’ve already pass half of your degree. This semester it’s being so hard that I barely have free time, so this really helped to disconnect and have fun with my classmates. First we went to a fancy restaurant where we had a lovely dinner, then we went to a pub for some drinks and finally we went to a disco to dance, I really had a lovely time.

Everyone dress very elegant for this event: all the boys wore their suits and ties and I (the only girl) decided to wear the typical little black dress. I really like the shape and length of this dress. For the kind of body which tends to have bigger thighs and hips (pear body) this dress is very flattering because it’s tight till the waist and then it’s flared. I really love the black lace on the top and on the back, I think it gives the dress a sexy but still very classy twist. I decided to wear my black leather heels, they’re quite comfortable because after spending all the night dancing my feet didn’t hurt that much. I decided to wear skin tone tights, since the dress was already black I felt if I wore black tights the look would have been too dark. To fight the cold I decided to wear my red coat on top of it. As for make-up I decided to wear the same natural look from my last post.




Dress: Pimkie                                                                      Shoes: Local store

What is your go to elegant outfit?

Xoxo Darly





46 thoughts on “Little Black Dress

  1. This is a beautiful dress on you. Congrats on passing half of your degree!!! 😊 And thank you so much for your support and entering the giveaway. 🎉

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  2. I love your outfit! That sounds so fun, I wish we did that back here in England! I wish you well for the rest if your studies and BTW I love your blog! X

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