Natural makeup look

Today I want to share with you a natural make up look. This isn’t my everyday make up, I like to use it when I have the time to put on more make up, but I don’t wont it to be very noticeable. This make up is super easy to do and I think is very flattering for all kinds of eyes and skins.

All the products that I’m going to use are from drug stores, I believe none of them are more expensive than 15€ so everyone can recreate it. This are also one my favourite drug store products.

Sooooo let’s get started. This is me with out any make up “I woke up like this”


Before I apply my make up, I always wash and moisturise my skin, since I have miked skin I like to use the Nivea mattifying day cream.

First step: Skin


I start applying my favourite CC cream which is the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream in the colour light beige. In order to get a flawless effect I apply it with this foundation brush. As you can see in the picture it’s actually a foundation that comes with a brush. Even though I don’t love the foundation I really like using the brush for applying other products. Using a foundation brush instead of you hands will help you to extend the product more uniformly and you need less product.

Then if I use my Deliplus concealer to hide my dark circles. I also use it where I have any redness or any spot to give them more coverage. Then with the powder brush from the picture and some bronzer I contour my face applying bronzer on my jaw line, right under my cheeks, on the sides of my nose and on my front and temples. With the same brush I put some blush on my apple cheeks.



Second step: Eyeshadows



Before the eye shadow I like to apply some concealer, right now I’m using The Max Factor Lasting Performance, this will help your eyeshadow to last longer without the need of using an eye primer.

As you can see in the top picture this are all very natural colours. For my eye crease I’m going to use the Essence Quattro eyeshadow in the number 05 to die for. I’m only going to use the dark colours from this palette because it’s not very pigmented so the clear eyeshadows are barely noticeable.

With my Essence eyeshadow brush I’m going to apply the softer brow with a bit of shine in my eye crease and the outer corners of my eyes trying to create a V. Then I take the darker matte brown and I apply it on the outer corner of my eye in order to give it more dimension.

Finally I apply the vanilla colour from the trio on my eye lid and inter corner of my eye in order to brighten the look, and the soft pink under my eyebrows.



Third step: Eyeliner and Rimmel


For me this is the most important make up step, whenever I don’t have time to put on make up I’ll just wear eyeliner because it makes a huge difference. Right now I’m loving the Essence waterproof eyeliner pen. First I draw a very thin line on my top lashes , I do a flick the sides of my eyes and I join them with the previous line, creating a cat eye effect.

On my water line I like to apply a light colour in order to make the eye look bigger. Finally I apply two coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I’m using the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp which makes you eyelashes look longer but it keeps them quite separated, so it looks quite natural.




Fith step: Lips


Finally I for my lips I’m loooving this combination. First I apply the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in the colour smoothing sorbet. This product is really good to keep your lips soft and moisturised in winter. Then I use the Essence lipliner in the colour 07 cute pink to slightly overdraw my lips and to fill them in.

So this is the final look I hope you guys enjoyed this post and as I always say you must remember there isn’t a better make up look than you own smile, so try to wear it most of the time 🙂


Would you recommend me any natural make up product? What’s you favourite make look at the moment?

xoxo Darly






57 thoughts on “Natural makeup look

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  2. The lips are fun! Thanks for sharing! Some natural lip color comes from beets so you can always try to stain your lips with beet juice if you want. I guess some girls carry beet juice around in a little vial for the day. In terms of lip balm I read you can put it on at night before you go to bed to moisturize your lips. That way your not smacking at your lips all day which can dry them out. I like more natural looks too. My fav thing to do right now is instead of using eyeliner I use a brown eyeshadow with a liner brush. This makes the line softer and it looks more like it belongs there. Also if I want my eyes to pop a little i use mascara on the bottom lashes for about half the eye. You just got to be gentle with it. Personally I have found that eye primer or foundation by itself over the eye area just makes it look more fresh. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the tips 🙂 I’ll try the beet juice. I’ve also tried doing it with eyeshadow and even though is more natural it doesn’t define my eye the way I want it plus it doesn’t last as long as eyeliner.


  3. Great, simple tutorial — perfect for on-the-go mornings, especially when you’re running late for work! What other tips do you have for long-lasting makeup throughout the day?

    Thanks for continuing to check out our blog, His and Hers Daily Grind, for weekly fashion advice for working professionals. 🙂


    • I know, it’s so much easier using a pen 🙂
      For the flick I first draw a line that starts on the outside corner of the eye and goes up pointing the end of the eyebrow. Then I draw another line that goes from my top eyelashes to the end of the flick and I fill it in.

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  4. Very pretty!!! For natural make-up I can recommend Bourjois Healthy mix(medium coverage, a little dewy) or Healthy mix serum (more gel texture, covers less, dewy) or Lumene CC (medium coverage, creamy texture, looks natural on face, more matte but not totally..natural finish). From eyeshadows I think new Essence I love Nude range. They have pretty taupe, brown, champagne and pink shades. I didn’t try but tested them and read good reviews. I guess I will get some of them:) Also single eyeshadow from Loreal 106 matte..beautiful taupe shade, can pair it with some beige.

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  5. Beautiful. I also love the natural look….my make up routine is generally concealer, bronzer, white eyeliner in the corners (to give that fresh, bright-eyed look), soft black eyeliner on the top, mascara and then a nice clear / nude shade lip gloss 🙂

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