Valentine’s day look

Valentine’s Day is right on the corner and love is in the air so today I wanted to share with you a Valentine’s day look. As I see it, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the day were you buy something nice to your couple, it should be a day where you express and spread love to everyone you love, whether is your couple, your family or your friends.

Since it’s a Valentine’s inspired look the main colour is red, I absolutely love red because it’s a very warm colour, everyone looks good with it and apparently it increases you sex appeal (or so I’ve read). This is a look you can wear everywhere, not just a romantic dinner or date, and everyday. Since in my town it’s quite cold right now, last week it was snowing, I wanted to be realistic so the look is also very worm.

So I wore my black leggings from and I paired the up with some heeled black boots. On top of it I wore a red jumper/dress and my red button coat, this is one of my favourites winter pieces of clothing, it almost looks like you’re wearing a dress. On my lips I have the Shephora- Rouge Shine in the number 44 which is a dark red colour.





Boots-Primark      Leggings-Zara        Jumper-Zara       Coat-Local Store

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day? Are you going to wear anything special?

xoxo Darly





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